YouTuber Aspyn Ovard Files For Divorce Between Birth Of Child Number 3


Aspin Ovard and withdraw from family life.

YouTuber – who has over 3.2 million subscribers on the video platform-filed for divorce from her husband Parker Ferris on April 1, the same day they announced the birth of the couple’s third daughter, according to the documents they obtained People.

Details about the daughter — including her name and date of birth — have not been shared, even by Aspyn. he said in announcing the birth that she gave birth prematurely at 34 weeks of pregnancy. As she said in a TikTok post announcing the new baby’s arrival, “Sweet baby was ready to be born, I think.”

In another TikTok video when he was sent a few hours later, Parker stood by his hospital bed. Wearing her wedding band, she pointed to Aspyn’s belly and connected her lips musically, saying, “That’s my girlfriend in there.”

Aspyn – who rarely wears her wedding ring –continued to share videos record birth on April 2. In one clipThe 27-year-old said he was still “shocked” by the whole incident.


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