You can now use ChatGPT without an account


On Monday, OpenAI launched opening ChatGPT for users without an account. It described the move as part of its mission to “make tools like ChatGPT available so people can get the best of AI.” It also gives the company more information (for those who don’t log out) and probably forces more users to create accounts with to register the advanced access of GPT-4 instead of the old version of GPT-3.5 free users get.

I tried the immediate access, which – as advertised – allowed me to start a new GPT-3.5 thread without any login information. The chatbot standard “How can I help you today?” a screen appears, with buttons to choose to register or log in.

OpenAI says it has added additional security for users without an account, including blocking restrictions and image generation in more groups than logged-in users. When I asked for more information about the new blocking groups, an OpenAI spokesperson told me that, while developing the feature, they looked at how users of GPT-3.5 who had opted out of it could introduce new threats.

The spokesman added that the teams in charge of identifying and stopping the abuse of its AI models will participate in the development of the new features and will improve the way they can be threatened unexpectedly. Of course, it still restricts everything it does to logged in users, as described moderation API.

You can log out of your information while you are not logged into your account. To do this, click the small question mark to the right of the text box, then select Settings and turn off the “Change model for everyone.”

OpenAI claims that over 100 million people in 185 countries use ChatGPT every week. These are impressive figures for 18 months of work from a company that most people had not heard of two years ago. Today’s move gives account skeptics an incentive to take the plunge a world-changing chatbot for the spinner, boosting those numbers even more.


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