Will Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews serve in the military? | | Israel’s war in Gaza

The government is under pressure to reverse the decades-long emancipation of Orthodox Jews.

For generations, Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews have been barred from military service. But the court order may change this soon.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has submitted a final decision to the Supreme Court to suspend the decision for 30 days. And the dispute is not going anywhere.

Israel’s war on Gaza is fueling interest and anger among Israelis who have to register.

So how does this threaten Netanyahu’s coalition?

And can his government survive the collapse of such a constitutional reform?

Presenter: James Bays


Efraim Inbar – President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security

Yossi Mekelberg – Associate at Chatham House specializing in Israeli and Middle East politics

Meron Rapoport – Editor of the Hebrew news website The Call

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