What If Jason Todd Lives?


Picture: Rick Leonardi/DC Comics

It is one of the very bad news in DC history: a few phone votes of people who thought the Joker should to take a crow Jason Todd’s face and left him bloody, dead. It’s really funny, so Jason in the end he got better (?)but fans and publishers have long been intrigued by what could have been – and now the latter are speculating.

We’ve seen it over the years fit and beginthe possibility of what would have been possible as a well-known case of voting on the phone he went to Jasonbut now DC has thought better Death in the Family: Robin Lives!

The new four-part miniseries from JM DeMatteis and artist Rick Leonardi picks up immediately from what ended in 1988. Batman #428a retelling like the one that’s been in DC’s archives for years, then published last year in a comic book re-release of an old story—and sees the brutal, but alive Jason Todd begin his plot to get revenge on the Joker for nearly killing him.

Image titled DC Comics Asks: What If Jason Todd Lived?

Picture: Rick Leonardi/DC Comics

“Continuing this classic, controversial story, and following in the footsteps of Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo, two creators I admire the most, has been both challenging and exciting,” DeMatteis said in a press release accompanying the announcement. “This is a great opportunity to tell a story that is happening, and to delve deeper into the heads of our characters as we ponder what would have happened if Jason Todd had survived The Joker’s brutal attack. And to have a master like Rick Leonardi bring it to visual life? I couldn’t ask for more.”

The first story of Death in the Family: Robin Lives! is expected to arrive on July 10.

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