TSMC evacuates staff, pauses machinery after Taiwan quake


The opinion of the company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.The world’s largest chip maker has halted chip production and laid off workers after a major earthquake hit their island in 25 years.

TSMC, main contract chipmaker to Opinions of the company Apple Inc. and The opinion of the company Nvidia Corp.he removed the workers from other places and said that he was checking the status of a shake the magnitude is 7.4 from the east coast. Small competitors United Microelectronics Corp. it also shut down machinery at some factories and moved other facilities to Hsinchu and Tainan, it said in a statement.

Taiwanese companies from TSMC to Company Profile ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd. manufacturing and assembling large quantities of semiconductors that go into devices from iPhones to cars from industries that are vulnerable to even the slightest shock. A single shock can destroy entire arrays of precision-engineered semiconductors. Shares of TSMC fell about 1.5% in early trading, while UMC fell less than 1%.

“TSMC’s security measures are working well. To ensure the safety of employees, some fabrics were removed according to company policy,” the company said in a statement. “We are currently confirming the details of the incident.”

Taiwan is lover earthquakes because it is near the junction of two tectonic plates. However, it is the source of 80% to 90% of the high-end chips needed for advanced applications such as mobile phones and AI.

Industry managers and government officials have been talking about the dangers of placing the world’s leading semiconductor equipment on an island that, apart from natural shocks, is considered a dangerous military environment. This was especially evident during the Covid era, which exacerbated the global shortage of essential commodities.

American officials, mindful of the threat to Taiwan from the Chinese government which considers the island a rebel province, have pressured US and Taiwanese companies – including TSMC – to separate locations.

But TSMC’s expansion projects are underway in Japan and the US will take time to catch up and American companies such as Opinions of the company Micron Technology Inc. still doing great work on the island.


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