The Mexican cartel did not force sellers to buy chicken at a higher price, they sold bad birds

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A Mexican drug cartel didn’t just force retailers to buy chicken at exorbitant prices — it sold them chicken “unfit for human consumption,” investigators concluded this week.

Prosecutors in the State of Mexico this week concluded a months-long investigation that found him to be violent A picture of a Michigan family they have been forcing small shops and market vendors to buy chicken at almost twice the normal price.

But to add insult to injury, test results released Monday on chicken found at a cartel-run warehouse in the city of Toluca – west of Mexico City – found additives, some of which prosecutors said could cause cancer.

Prosecutors say they are “continuing to investigate two warehouses that were seized on March 27 in Toluca in connection with extortion, as well as charges involving consumers.”

“The captured food should not be consumed by humans,” the report said, citing the presence of potassium and sodium tartrate, among other additives found in chicken.

The investigation began in December, when, just days before Christmas, four chicken processing workers were robbed from a warehouse.

Amazingly, in a country where abductees are rarely seen again, the four men were later found unharmed and taken out of the car.

Prosecutors said last week they discovered that the warehouse workers had been kidnapped by gang members who had a feud with their friends, because the kidnappers wanted the warehouse to be private.

The two warehouses raided last week were profitable businesses, as prosecutors said the cartel threatened customers if they did not agree to buy chicken at 48 pesos ($3) per kilogram higher than the going price, which is about $3 per kilogram.

In other words, criminals, who are known evade the police patrol and kill the whole town government in 2022 – sold bad birds for double the price.

Mexican corporate groups have gone to great lengths to shift their income beyond drug trafficking, extorting money from everyone from tortilla shops to bus and taxi drivers. They have committed violence they have adopted legitimate business from metal mining to internet service.


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