The Evolution of Lego’s Classic Space Line

Picture: Lego

As the 90s and Lego approach to social conflict continues, Space has evolved beyond human-to-human issues. After introducing robot characters a year ago in the Exploriens line, in 1997 Roboforce also introduced android figures. Soon, the launch of UFO and then Insectoids introduced non-humanoid alien minifigures, bringing advanced techniques to create as a large piece to match the curvature of the old sci-fi or, as the Insectoids refer to, similar themes.

But this is an important moment in Lego Space for a different reason, too. In the late 1990s, Lego announced an unprecedented move: its first line of licensed toys, based on a series ready to be adapted for a new generation. It is a small set of 263 X-Wing Starfighter released in October 1999, Lego. Star Wars he was here, and nothing would be the same.

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