The Constitutional Court of Thailand has announced that it will issue a decision to dissolve the popular Move Forward party


BANGKOK (AP) – Thailand’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday said it will issue a ruling to dissolve the party that won. most seats in last year’s election the turtle violated the constitution by deciding to change the law against insulting the royal family of the country.

The court said it agreed request from the State Election Commission hearing a case against a Go Ahead the party finding that there is sufficient evidence, and instructed the party to testify on his behalf within fifteen days.

The petition calls for the dissolution of the party and for the party’s officials to be banned from politics for 10 years.

The court’s decision is the latest step in what appears to be a decades-long attack on the country’s thriving military and security forces that are trying to keep a grip on power. The predecessor of Move Forward, the Future Forward party, was dismissed by the Constitutional Court in 2020 for violating electoral laws regarding donations to political parties. The shutdown is one of the catalysts for the youth-led pro-democracy protests that began across the country in 2020.

The protests pushed the boundaries of the progressive movement by publicly criticizing the rulers and demanding their reform, a topic that was previously taboo. This led to strong prosecutions under anti-blasphemy laws, which Move Forward campaigned to change.

Party leader Chaithawat Tulathon told reporters after the third court’s announcement that the party is preparing for the trial and wants to prove its innocence. He added that the decision could come in a few weeks, and the party will hold a press conference later to explain its feelings.

The same court ruled earlier in January for the party to stop promoting changes to the law, known as Article 112, which protects the monarchy from impeachment by imposing 15-year prison sentences for each crime. The decision did not impose any penalty on the party.

Move Forward went down several cases following his election victory. Go to Limjaroenrat, who was the leader of the party, was suspended from his position in Parliament after he was accused of violating the electoral law by holding shares in a news company. He claimed that he had a limited number of shares as a custodian of his late father’s estate. Pita resumed his legal duties in January after that The Constitutional Court acquitted him of the case.

Thailand’s courts, especially the Constitutional Court, are considered a stronghold of the country’s monarchs, who have used them and independent government agencies such as the Election Commission to hand down verdicts that cripple or drown opponents.

The Move Forward Party finished first in the 2023 election after campaigning to amend Article 112 and introduce other democratic reforms. The victory showed that many Thai voters were ready for change after nearly a decade of military rule.

But the Senate, which was established by the military, prevented the party from taking power by refusing to accept Pita’s appointment as prime minister. The senators said they were against Pita because he wanted to organize changes to the kingdom.


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