Stability AI’s audio generator can now crank out 3 minute ‘songs’


AI stability , an upgraded version of its music-making platform. The system allows users to create audio recordings of up to three minutes via voice prompts. That’s around the length of the actual song, so it will also support the intro, the progression of the entire song and the outro.

First, the good news. Three minutes is big. The previous version of the program clocked in at 90 seconds. Imagine a fake birthday song you could create like a Rob Thomas / Santana song. Another benefit? The tool is free and publicly available through the company’s website, give it a try.

It works fast, but there is an option to download the video. The system will analyze the clip and create a match. All uploaded audio must be copyright-free, so this is not a copy of the original content. Instead, it might be useful to, say, mumble a drum part or expand a 20-second clip into something longer.

Now, the bad news. This is still AI-generated music. It’s interesting as a conversation piece and a sign of the future that’s good for fans and musicians, but that’s about it. The music sounds great, at first, until the seams start to show. Then things get difficult.

For example, the system tends to add words, but not in a known human language. I think it’s in every language that is created in AI-generated graphics. Voices sound like real people, and sometimes sound like Gregorian chants filtered through the air. It’s right smack in the middle of that amazing valley. Seaside “spiritless and strange,” comparing them to the cry of a whale.

Stable Audio 2.0 makes the same small errors that all of these systems make, no matter the type of output. Parts can be less air, in places and more. Sometimes the music ends twice at allsuch as the audio quality of those additional fingerprints on AI-generated images.

There is also, well, the boring part of it all. This is music in name only. Without connecting with someone, what’s the point? I listen to music to get into the head of another person or group of people. There is no topic to go into here, despite the constant announcement of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). it’s a few months away.

Therefore, this technology is a perfect gift for those who make silly birthday videos or bank songs. For everyone else? Shrug. One thing I can say from personal experience: It’s very fast. This plan created great danger a great song about my cat about a minute.


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