Spider-Man’s Child Star Spencer Webb Spider Celebrates Birthday

Kelly Kay and former University of Oregon football player Spencer WebbA baby is no longer a baby.

The child of the two Spider Webbtheir only child, celebrated his first birthday on March 30, a year and a half later father’s death. Kelly, 31, shared photos of the new baby on Instagram Stories, writing, “My lil spidey man is already 1.”

Kelly didn’t reveal how she and her son celebrated his birthday, saying, alongside the pair’s mirror, that it was a “super week of spi!”

He continued, “Thank you for your love and wishes. I will make sure that one day he will know how much he is loved and supported by everyone.”

Spencer, who was nicknamed Spider and played heavily for the Oregon Ducks, died at the age of 22 due to an accidental fall while hiking in July 2022. Kelly found out she was pregnant with their son a week after he was born. died—in his arms.

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