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Shakiranew album, Women Don’t Cry Anymore, is part of his new “Unforgiven” season. In his recent time Attractive interviews and photo shoots to promote her album, the 47-year-old star wore several outfits for the camera. One had a beige crisscross blouse with black high-waisted shorts and a matching belt. Another ensemble was a white suit with high heels, which she topped off with a pair of black sunglasses.

Speaking to the publication on Monday, April 1, Shakira revealed that her children “Hated” look Barbie. In addition, he explained the process of writing his latest album, which was released on March 22. Although he did not mention his ex. Gerard Pique, he said that the past “two years” have been “powerful.” Former spouses – who share sons Milan and Sasha – split in June 2022.

Shakira presents the cover of 'Allure' in April 2024
Emmanuel Monsalve

“Making this song has shown me that my pain can be turned into art,” the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer explained. “These songs have a long history and are the most inspiring I’ve had in the past two years. But making this album has been a turning point where I’ve been reborn as a woman. I’ve rebuilt myself in ways that I believe are right.”

Shakira on the April 2024 cover of 'Allure' magazine wearing a white suit
Emmanuel Monsalve

Shakira went on to say: “No one tells me to cry or cry, no one tells me how to raise my children, no one tells me how to live.” I think so. In the past, when women faced a problem, they were expected to take care of their behavior, hide the pain, cry silently. That’s over. Now, no one can control us. No one can tell us how to heal, to clean our wounds.”

The award-winning songwriter also featured on the cover of his 2005 album, Oral Care, which showed that he compared himself to Eve, holding an apple near a tree. Reflecting on the story of Adam and Eve, Shakira cited the story as having a negative attitude.

“Eve was a story created by misogynists to put women in a small box where we should be quiet, not speak our minds, and not be the catalyst for change. For things to be the way they are,” said Shakira. “I’ll take that as a ‘no’.” understandable. I think there is something refreshing about women when they start to feel lonely and hopeless. Because we have apologized many times in the past. “

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