Q Acoustics M40 Review: Mini All-In-One Tower Speaker

Browse from a mix of AAC files from Apple Music on the iPhone 15 Pro, and both Qobuz and Spotify using aptX compatibility. Sony Xperia 1 V, I was very impressed with the M40. It’s stable and surprisingly dangerous, with a sweet low that I didn’t expect.

As I work my way through the My Family Playlist, it’s clear that these speakers don’t discriminate. As a perfect wedding DJ, he is happy when the audience is happy. The Prodigy’s classic dance-floor filler/emptier (remove it depending on how old you were in 1994) “Your Love” hits and sounds with bags of energy, while Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire” soars boldly, with incredible control, even at the kind of volume that a girl 10 year old wants.

From classical to classic rock, through electronica and acoustic, I have yet to be disappointed by the warm, accessible performance of the M40. Connecting my laptop via the USB port (maximum 24 bit / 192 kHz via Qobuz) increases the depth of playback compared to the Bluetooth configuration, but I think most owners will be happy however they choose to listen.

In addition, I put the M40s side by side with the same price Q Acoustics 3050i analog speakers on the floor. This was run by Sonos Amp and wireless audio playback. I was surprised at how well the M40 HD handled streaming with “just” aptX Bluetooth. Of course, it didn’t have the same overall look, but that’s not surprising given the 40-inch cabinet length (12 inches tall, and wider) and the twin 165-mm drivers.

However, he did not feel overwhelmed. And while $999 isn’t chump change, given the added cost of an amplifier, streamer, CD player, and more, as well as significant savings, they offer solid value for money.

Competition Period

Not to be confused with other things like mortgage lending, KEF LS60 Wireless floor-standing speakers, but if you want extra Wi-Fi technology, EQ settings, remote software controls, and hi-res streaming, WIRED Recommends Company opinion KEF LSX II LT may be worth a look. It costs the same price and sounds dreamy, but it doesn’t have the power to dominate a larger room.

The M40s sound better, look better, and punch better than their size, but the lack of smart features could turn off many buyers. Bluetooth sounds great here (especially aptX), and I think most people won’t think they want more.

But anyone who has used the speaker with Wi-Fi streaming will be disappointed by Bluetooth’s limitations. Mute When a call comes in, the signal drops if you leave the room with your phone, connecting to the speakers whenever you feel like you’re engaged.

You can, of course, pick up a streaming box like the popular $149 WiiM Pro into the M40s and enjoy all the benefits of hi-res Wi-Fi browsing with Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Alexa, and Google Assistant. It’s not ideal, but it’s a hassle-free option for anyone looking for high-quality music. and intelligent flow.

However, I wouldn’t call the M40s old fashioned. It’s pretty low-key, if hi-res Wi-Fi streaming and app-controlled controls are important to you. But if you’re in the market for high-end stereo speakers with 200 watts of amplification built in, and connectivity to a laptop, turntable (preamp required), CD player, and Bluetooth portability, you won’t. t get upset.

I’ll also be the first to admit that I was skeptical about the size of the M40s. Introducing something to a mostly traditional audience that isn’t the same thing is a risk. But in real-world situations, small platforms can be invisible and make any noise. Maybe, just maybe, it’s what you do with it that matters.

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