OpenAI wants Tesla staff, so Musk is poaching them first

Is Sam Altman’s OpenAI, the world leader in artificial intelligence, trying to drive employees away from the Tesla Autopilot team?

Elon Musk really wants people to think that way. After news broke Wednesday that Tesla’s Ethan Knight had become a carmaker fourth engineer to join Musk’s latest startup, xAI, the centibillionaire said his employee plans to quit OpenAI.

“It was xAI or they,” he wrote the person he loved the first AI director away from Altman in 2017, adding that he was to encourage their salary. “They’ve been aggressively recruiting Tesla engineers with huge paychecks and unfortunately they’ve been successful at times.”

Musk, who founded OpenAI eight years ago, maintains it ongoing debate it’s Altman and he is quick to blame former partner for breach of contract. OpenAI did not respond to the request Chance for comments.

Knight’s departure raises concerns. Like growth for Tesla’s big car business has reached its inception full stopInvestors have been wary of Musk’s limited management strategies, such as moving employees between his businesses as they see fit.

Evidence in Musk’s to pay for the package The recently disclosed board members are not in control and could not provide as much information as my estimate of Musk’s staff adapted from Tesla to help him with his Twitter to buy. “Musk regularly uses Tesla’s equipment to deal with projects at other companies he owns,” the Court ruled, adding that no one objected to such decisions.

Concerns Musk treats his companies as fiefdoms that have grown since his tenure to threaten A company that would develop AI technology outside of Tesla if they don’t accept the compensation they give him. 25% control above the company.

In this context, the news of many Tesla engineers leaving Musk’s xAI startup caused panic among some Tesla owners.

“Is there any precedent for the director of a talent-trafficking company to go to his company? Is he acting in the interests of the owners?” one photo at the Tesla Investment club subreddit he wondered on Wednesday. Someone asked if “the board of directors is okay with this?” while a third joked “haha, Elon is messing with Tesla.”

Tesla employees had to reduce the difference between xAI and OpenAI

One of Musk’s biggest arguments over the past 12 months has been to reposition Tesla as the leader in AI now that investors are willing to pay huge premiums for such products. In this sense, investors should think of Tesla less as a manufacturer of EVs and energy storage and more as a robotics company—whether it builds machines that walk on two metal legs like. Optimus or rolling on four wheels.

By saying that Altman is trying to steal his employees, not only does he have a legitimate reason why Knight or another former Tesla employee is working for him at xAI, he also raises his company’s reputation at the same time. If the company leader behind achievements such as ChatGPT and Sora they are eager to hire Musk’s employees, so Tesla should be on the edge.

Surprisingly, however, it was Musk who said that investors should not make the same comparison between companies that work on artificial AI and those that are like Tesla to solve “real AI”.

The technology to power major languages ​​is nothing compared to the development of self-driving cars, he concluded. Tesla employees were assigned to Autopilot, Full Self-Driving or its own Knowledge of AI computer education Dojo work with more complex camera data to capture objects in a three-dimensional space-in contrast to simple text processing such as GPT-4.

Instead it is xAI that needs Tesla employees more than OpenAI. Its new beginning, which is behind the Chatbot he sells to his top customers on X, he’s too far away from Altman’s company to pose any legitimate threat, so he needs every brain he can get to help him close the gap with the competition.

Hiring them from Tesla, which employs more than 200 engineers in its AI and autonomous team, is a natural move, especially since they already know its management and engineering-driven culture.

“The AI ​​talent battle is the craziest talent battle I’ve ever seen!” Musk wrote on Wednesday.

Especially when his companies are competing with each other.

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