Netanyahu admits that Israeli soldiers killed NGO workers in Gaza Israel’s War on Gaza News


Israel has confirmed that its soldiers killed seven people from the fighting World Central Kitchen for charity in Gaza where he marched in a group emblazoned with the charity’s logo linked to the Israeli army.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained this a deadly attack to aid workers as unexpected and “tragic” and promised an independent investigation.

“Unfortunately in the past few days, there was a tragic incident in which our soldiers accidentally injured non-combatants in the Gaza Strip,” Netanyahu said in a video on Tuesday.

“This happens in war. We are conducting a thorough investigation and are in contact with the authorities. We will do everything to never come back. “

Citizens of Australia, the United Kingdom and Poland, as well as Palestinians and two citizens of the United States and Canada were killed.

WCK, founded by celebrity chef Jose Andres, said they traveled in two armored vehicles and another vehicle.

The group was hit as it was leaving its Deir el-Balah warehouse after unloading more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid that it had brought to Gaza by sea.

The Israeli army said it was conducting a thorough investigation to understand what happened, and promised to conduct an investigation by an “independent, professional and expert body”.

Last week, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued a ruling new temporary methods as part of the crime of murder which was brought by South Africa to order Israel to take the necessary measures to ensure that the necessary food reaches the civilians in Gaza to prevent the spread of hunger.

In response, Israeli officials accused the United Nations and other international organizations of having “failed” because of the problems of getting aid to the hungry people, saying that they do not have the capacity to do their jobs.

US urges ‘impartial investigation’

The attack on the humanitarian group angered many people.

The UK has summoned Israel’s ambassador to London to express its “unequivocal condemnation of the horrific killings” of WCK workers.

“Israel must urgently explain how this happened and make serious changes to ensure the safety of the workers,” British foreign secretary David Cameron wrote on X.

Erin Gore, head of WCK, said the attack was “unforgivable”.

“This is not just an attack on the WCK, this is an attack on humanitarian organizations that are exposed to the dire consequences of food being used as a weapon of war,” Gore said. “This is unforgivable.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he urged Israel to conduct a swift, thorough and impartial investigation into the attacks.

“We have spoken directly to the Israeli government on this issue. We have asked for a quick, thorough and impartial investigation,” he said at a press conference in Paris together with French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne.

“These people are heroes, they run to the fire and not far away.” We don’t have to live in a time where people who are just trying to help their friends are at great risk,” Blinken said.

Unlike Sejourn, who expressed France’s “strong opposition” to the airstrikes in Israel saying that “nothing can justify such a tragedy,” Blinken stopped short of directly condemning the attack but said Washington “was impressed by Israel to do more to protect innocent civilians. life, whether they be innocent Palestinian children or aid workers”.

He calls for a halt to the export of weapons

When asked if events like the killing of WCK workers gave the US pause for the recent approval of new weapons for $ 2.5bn, Blinken said that Washington “has long been committed to the security of Israel and helping to ensure that it can defend itself”.

Several US politicians condemned the attack on Israel. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders said the killing of the charity workers was no “accident”. “No more military support for Netanyahu,” he wrote on X.

Pramila Jayapal, from the Democratic Party, said it was “the latest horror of Netanyahu’s attack on Gaza” and called for an end to “US military aid used for indiscriminate killings.”

Representative Jim McGovern said in an X letter that “Netanyahu needs to stop killing civilians, stop withholding aid, and stop disarming.”


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