Nancy Silverton Says This $18 Kitchen Tool Has Changed Her Life


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Nancy Silverton and a cooking picture. He has always been strong, from the beginning as a baker Wolfgang PuckSpago, creating the bakery that La Brea Bakery artisans love, to its world-famous restaurants Campanile, Pizzeria Mozza, Osteria Mozza, and SPACCA. Silverton is also the author of nine must-read books. Talk about a culinary legend!

Oh! we have to ask the chef who is following our burning questions, including those kitchen appliances it’s essential, a great kitchen gift, and a great way to enjoy mozzarella—Nancy says it’s “buffala mozzarella with Spanish anchovies,” by the way.

The best chef told us all about the $18 kitchen appliance that changed his life.

Silverton is no stranger to life-changing advice. In 2023, a Los Angeles-born chef wrote a cookbook The Cookie That Changed My Life. Now they say there are two kitchen items out there that they find “life changing.” The first is the microplane.

“What I like about it is that it’s not attached. I’m not a fan of any type of kitchen appliance that attaches, so it’s in my wheelhouse,” she explains.

“I like that there are many variations now for the same holes. So there is a small, medium, and large that all have their place. There are also ribs and cuts. I probably have six of each type of microplane and I’m always looking They have a better handle and a better weight to them, but they are all very good.

Osteria Mozza’s chef also called upon his longtime love of the mortar and pestle, dating back to his culinary school days at Le Cordon Bleu in London.

“It’s a porcelain mortar and pestle. I like to make things in mortars and pestles. I use it to make all my pounded sauces, like pestos and sauces made with nuts, to green sauces, using a heavy bowl of the mortar. and a whisk to make any kind of emulsified dressings or mayonnaise,” he explains.

The chef says that heavy porcelain dishes are best for mixing dressings because lighter mixing bowls tend to “float around” if not properly secured. However, Silverton, who is one of HexClad’s Chef Ambassadors, called HexClad’s mixing bowls and rubber floors a “good” option because they don’t tend to move.

Silverton also loves their pizza pans, as well as their grill pans.

“I always hated teflon; I used to make scrambled eggs,” he reveals. “What’s great about HexClad is that even though it’s teflon, it’s stainless steel, which makes a big difference in heat management. I think it’s awesome, well made and has a lifetime warranty, and that’s a great asset when it comes to the stomach.”

Because Silverton is “not a big fan” of things that plug in, when asked what the most popular kitchen gadget is, he laughs, “opening lights. Do they make them anymore?”

However, there is one plug-in item that she finds worthy, and if you’re looking for a fun housewarming gift or even a wedding gift for a loved one, this device gets the Nancy Silverton stamp of approval. “I’ll make a choice, I love my KitchenAid mixer,” she says.

“When it comes to making dough and batters, it’s really hard to get away without having the right whisk for mixing egg yolks and things like that. It’s a great gift.”

And if you’re looking for more gift inspo, take Silverton’s best gift-giving advice: “I find all kinds of things I love and I’ll give them away.”

He calls his collection of wooden spoons “a beautiful gift to give someone.”

“I really like the flat, heavy wooden spoons, or spatulas as I call them. I think those make great gifts. I recently found a brand of peelers that are really nice. I also like the rolling pins that are perfect for them.”


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