Munchkin, The TikTok Duck Who Loved Iced Water, Dies After Vet Visit


TikTokers he hopes Munchkin he finds a glass of ice water on the rainbow bridge.

Duck, who likes to drink iced water from Starbucks and Dunkin’ made him famous on TikTok – sadly. he died on April 1 he is 6 years old, according to his personality Krissy.

“If love would have saved him, he would have lived forever,” Krissy wrote in a sweet caption movie of the critic’s best moments on the site. “Fly High Munchkin.”

Krissy – who has 10 other ducks – is still waiting for more information on the cause of the waterfowl’s death, as the Munchkin had recently been tested for “mysterious” heart conditions.

“Unfortunately I write this with more questions than answers,” Krissy continued on her blog April 1. “Munchkin passed away at the vet today. We tried our best. I don’t think there are words to accurately describe the grief I’m going through. I’m numb.”

The supporter also shared a touching tribute to Munchkin, writing, “Some loves are so hard to bear. And with great love comes great pain.


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