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It’s almost incomprehensible to think a new movie Monkey Man is Dev Patel’s directorial debut. Sure, we know Patel like a talented, versatile player. But to make a film that is so authentic, so beautifully constructed, it is well thought out in any form, at first attempt, was superhuman. If you looked Monkey Man without knowing that Patel directs, you’d think he was someone who had made many films in the past. Someone who had many opportunities to build a reputation and style after years of trial and error.

And yet, it isn’t. It’s Patel’s first feature, which adds a “Wow” to the movie with “Wow” in almost every episode. A film that uses action to create a character, tell a story of pain, suffering, and revenge that is smart, important, brutal, and beautiful.

I am Monkey Man, Patel performs four roles as co-writer, producer, director, and star. He plays an unnamed character who goes by “Bobby,” a man who is constantly struggling for money and looking for odd jobs. Soon, he talks his way into working at a high-end nightclub where we learn, slowly at first, that some of the customers have connections with the past. These people did terrible things to Bobby and his family, when you realize that there is no accident. Bobby has been making plans for years, and now his time has come.

First time director.
Picture: Natural

Patel’s approach throughout Monkey Man it belongs to a captive. All kinds of close-ups, camera movements, lighting techniques, etc. are used to give the film a special power. They also pack each frame not only with visuals, but subtleties and notes that add context and themes. Most importantly, all that energy doesn’t just stay cold. They and cool, 100%, but more than that to express Bobby’s thoughts. Are you angry? Is he nervous? Are you overwhelmed? If so, Patel demonstrates this through performance and photography and editing.

Another secret to the film’s success is that even though Bobby is a skilled fighter, he is invincible. Throughout the film, he is beaten, stabbed, and shot. He loses the fight and, on several occasions, almost loses his life. Patel’s actions are based on Die Hard school of thought as opposed to Fast and Furious. Monkey Man they believe that your hero can be beaten and seem vulnerable, he is very friendly, which gives the characters and animations to grow, in the end it makes everything more satisfying.

And growing up Monkey Man he does. Every scene in the film is more intense, adding more emotion, excitement, and social impact. Although at first we think that Bobby is only dealing with pure hatred and revenge, then we see the people he follows are very important, and Bobby has to carry not only his own burdens, but also the burdens of many others. He is part man, part legend.

First time director.

First time director.
Picture: Natural

This is where the theme of the film appears. Bobby’s favorite character when fighting for money is Hanuman, the Hindu god who is half monkey and half monkey. The story of Hanuman, his cultural significance, and mythological qualities are woven throughout the film, making Bobby’s journey very understandable. They fight for a larger cause, one that takes a straightforward revenge story and infuses it with deeper, more powerful characters. As the film progresses, Bobby’s story rises above revenge. Its purpose is to confuse and affect many different types of people and cultures.

Also: Monkey Man and a silent explosion. Yes, the action in the film is almost all about culture and is mixed with fantasy, but Patel and his team do not forget to make it fun. They have created all kinds of action sequences, war games, and even car chases. These pieces build up to the film, eventually culminating in a third act full of little kills that won’t soon be forgotten.

Really, there’s not much Monkey Man they do wrong. It tells a simple story of revenge and supports the promotion of culture and culture. The movie looks fun and interesting, all who serve the story are the characters. And the process makes it all the same, posting articles that have a beautiful and satisfying look. Monkey Man proves Dev Patel not just an amazing star, but a great director. He has made a film that will outlive any of us and we are glad to be enjoying the journey.

Monkey Man hits theaters on April 5.

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