Microsoft unbundles Teams and Office 365 for customers worldwide


In October, Microsoft groups not included from Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites in the European Union and Switzerland to avoid potential fines. Now, the company is expanding this offering, selling Microsoft Teams separately from Microsoft 365 and Office 365 worldwide, Reuters reports. “This move also addresses feedback from the European Commission by giving multinational companies more flexibility when they want to be more consistent with each of their purchases,” a Microsoft spokesperson told the publication.

Users can now choose to keep what they are doing or switch to one of the different offerings – especially useful for anyone who uses the Office suite but prefers another communication service such as Zoom or Google Meet. Business customers new to Microsoft’s offerings can pick up Teams individually for $5.25, while Office sans Teams goes anywhere from $7.75 to $54.75.

Microsoft’s journey to remove Teams and Office started right in 2020 Slack filed an antitrust complaint and the EU. The company that now owns Salesforce said it is not allowed to integrate Teams into the Office suite and that Microsoft is preventing customers from removing chat. The European Commission has been investigating the issue, and Microsoft announced in April 2023 that they can separate Teams from Microsoft 35 and Office 365. Although the move began last fall, Microsoft is still at risk of being owed money by the EU if it is found to have violated antitrust laws.


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