Meta’s AI Image Generator Will Not Depict an Asian Man With a White Woman


Meta released his AI powered image generator back in December called Imagine. Like other generators of its kind, Imagine seems to have a very unusual appearance. Therefore, the application may not seem to envision a world where Asian men can have white women.

Let me explain: The beach he was the first to notice that the Meta image generator doesn’t seem to be able to generate images of white women and Asian men together. Journalist Mia Sato describes her futile efforts to create multi-faceted portraits. Indeed, having tried “several times to create a picture using” several techniques, Sato considers that he succeeded only once.

We tried it ourselves and the chances were slim. From my experiments with the image generator, it is impossible to find a program to create images of a white woman and an Asian man together. I tried to combine everything I could think of and I succeeded in creating pictures of an Asian man and an Asian woman together. Other interracial couples could easily be created, including a black man and a white man, a white man and an Asian woman, and a white woman and a Middle Eastern man, but when it came to Asian men, they apparently had a chance.

A snapshot: Trim

Although the image generator failed to produce images of white women and Asian men together, it managed to answer some, very interesting ones, like when I asked to show me a dog that is friends with a robot.

Image titled Meta's AI Image Generator Will Not Show Asian Man With White Woman

A snapshot: Trim

Or a fish that likes to gamble:

Image titled Meta's AI Image Generator Will Not Show Asian Man With White Woman

A snapshot: Trim

This follows on the heels of a similar, slightly dirty affecting Google, in which the company’s Gemini image generator was unable to generate similar images of white people. The program also produced a number of erroneous images from the past, including Black Vikings and Black Nazis. Google eventually had to shut down the platform and promised to bring it back after the bugs were fixed.

Right-wing social media contributors jumped all over the place to promote big, dangerous comments about the rise of liberalism. I won’t go into it but, honestly, what does it give? How is this? Why are these companies so bad at creating brand-friendly platforms? Is this some kind of bad business case? Are we all being persecuted? What is going on?

Gizmodo has reached out to Meta for more information about why its app has been disrupted and will update this story when it responds.


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