Masked Singer Lizard Revealed as R&B Icon of the 2000s

The Masked Singer‘s Lizard is officially his song thong a song of jealousy.

The R&B icon that dominated the music charts in the early 2000s was unveiled during Fox’s “Shower Anthems”-themed episode on April 3.

Before doing the celeb secret, she gave the judges an account of her troubled youth before she became a household name.

“Before I could even drive, I was living a double life,” Lizard said. “I was straight like in school, but after school. I was running around the streets with a group of bad people. I was so confused that I saw the inside of a prison cell a few times. The last time, I took a long look in the mirror and realized that the life of a criminal was not for me.”

This is when he changed his life for the better.

“From that time,” he added, “I took a different path and cleaned up my actions.

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