Kiernan Shipka Speaks On The Death Of Sabrina’s Chance Perdomo

Kiernan Shipka saying goodbye to a beloved costar.

The Sabrina’s Fun Facts the actor paid tribute to Chance Perdomo—who played Ambrose Spellman on the Netflix show—to follow his sudden death at the age of 27.

“Oh man this hurts,” Kiernan wrote Instagram April 2. “She was one kindred spirit. The only fiery, creative, loving, connecting, and caring force you can imagine.”

The 24-year-old remembered her friend “Chancey Pants” for being “as playful as she was kind” and “as loving as she was fun.”

“He never failed to make me laugh,” he continued, “and he never failed to keep my toes (or remove them if he was taking me to my trailer which he used to do. Thanks Chance.)”

But a Mad Men alum also knows where it touched the lives of many people.

“His personality was a generous gift to me and to many people,” added Kiernan. “It’s so hard to imagine the world without him in it. I loved him with all my heart. I always will.”

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