Kia recalls 427,000 Tellurides that might roll away while parked


You is recalling more than 427,000 of its Telluride SUVs for a defect that can cause the vehicles to roll over while parked.

According to documents published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the center shaft and the front right side of the 2020-2024 Tellurides may not be available at all. Over time, this can lead to “unplanned movement” of vehicles in place – increasing the risk of accidents.

Kia America decided to recall the entire 2020-2023 model year and select the 2024 model year Tellurides earlier this month, NHTSA documents show. At the time, no injuries or accidents were reported.

A faulty assembly is believed to be the cause of the shaft problem – and the recall affects the 2020-2024 Tellurides manufactured between Jan. 9, 2019 and Oct. 19, 2023. Kia America estimates that 1% have the problem.

To resolve the issue, the recall documents state, dealers will update the electronic stopwatch software of the affected vehicles and replace any damaged shafts free of charge. Owners who have already spent money on renovations will also be reimbursed.

In the meantime, affected Tellurides drivers are advised to apply their emergency brakes before exiting the vehicle. Drivers can also verify if their specific vehicle is included in this recall and get more information using it NHTSA website and/or Kia to remember the viewing platform.

Owner notification letters are due to be sent out on May 15, with vendor notifications starting a few days earlier.

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