Japan Has Said Goodbye to Its Life-Sized Gundam


Three years have passed since its debut, the portable, real-time mover of the the original popular Gundam Yokohama is no more. But Bandai sent his moves, talking a giant robot with a bang – and a tribute that pays tribute to GundamPast and present.

18 meters long, life-size RX-78-2 Gundam, a large basic suit 1979 anime-first opened to the public at the Yokohama Gundam Base in Tokyo Bay in December 2020, and was announced as part of the celebrations held last year. Mobile Suit Gundam40th anniversary.

Although there are several realistic replicas of Japanese giant robots in Japan, the Yokohama Gundam was the first of its kind to feature advanced mechanics—36 moving parts in all—that allowed the mobile suit to perform complex tasks. expression, including bending, walking, and moving the arms and head. But after extending the duration of the exhibition more than twice as long as it was originally closed in 2022 – in part motivated by the difficulties of the covid-19 epidemic and because of the need to attract, which has visited almost 2 million during its run – Yokohama Gundam said. he made the last move.


Bandai sent Gundam off in style last night with the final show, which featured highlights from throughout the franchise’s history – including a few quotes from Gundam Designer Yoshiyuki Tomino—as well as a combination of drone shots and visuals that lit up Tokyo Bay—are fun adaptations of key moments from the franchise’s history, such as Amuro and Char’s showdown in the opening scene. Gundamand the famous “Last Shooting” picture. showing the final moments of the Gundam series before they are destroyed, with images of several major characters from throughout the franchise’s 45-year history. including famous women Suletta Mercury and Miorine Rembran, directors of Witch from Mercury. The final configuration of the Gundam can be seen in the video above.

While the Yokohama Gundam is no more, there are still several robotic lifeforms Mobile Suit Gundam all over Japan. Across Tokyo Bay in Odaiba is a modified Unicorn Gundam statue, which replaced the RX-78-2 in 2017, and soon. RX-93FFν Gundam-A new iteration of the Nu Gundam figure piloted by Amuro in the Char’s Counterattack-which opened in 2022 at Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport in Fukuoka. Time will tell if another Gundam giant will come to Japan, but for now, it’s a farewell to the country’s most famous attempt to bring the dream of a life-size project to life. the increase in the ability of people to commit violence in its form to reality.

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