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Netanyahu says Israel wrongly killed seven aid workers as international criticism mounts.

This is how things are on Tuesday, April 32024:

War is a human problem

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel wrongly killed seven people who worked for the aid group World Central Kitchen (WCK) in the middle of Gaza. Describing the plane crash as “unexpected” and “tragic”, he said that “these things happen during war”.
  • The hit on the WCK group has been killed citizens of Australia, Poland and the United Kingdom as well as Palestine and dual citizens of the United States and Canada.
  • An search and Al Jazeera’s Sanad verification agency has found that the Israeli strike on three WCK vehicles was deliberate.
  • At least 196 aid workers – including more than 175 United Nations workers – have been killed in Gaza since October, according to the UN, and the Palestinian group Hamas has previously accused Israel of targeting aid distribution sites.
  • A US aid agency said it was suspending its work in Gaza, and the United Arab Emirates, which funded WCK’s humanitarian aid to Gaza, said it was suspending the shipment pending security from Israel and a full investigation. .
  • UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese he said he believed the Israeli army “deliberately killed” seven workers in Gaza to intimidate aid providers and ensure the continued hunger of the Palestinian people.
  • The UN-World Bank report said that infrastructure damage in the Gaza Strip at $18.5bn in the first four months of the Israeli occupation.

Diplomacy and regional conflicts

  • In a sharp rebuke to his Washington ally, US President Joe Biden said “angry and heartbroken” in attacking the WCK group and called on Israel to do more to protect aid workers.
  • The Israeli investigation into the incident “must be swift, it must be held accountable, and its findings must be disclosed”, Biden said.
  • British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told Netanyahu that the UK was horrified by the deaths of three Britons, and wanted a thorough and transparent investigation. international condemnation the attack escalates.
  • Kenneth Roth, former head of Human Rights Watch (HRW), called Biden’s criticism of Israel’s failure to protect workers in Gaza “nonsense”.
  • The family of Zomi Frankcom, the Australian WCK worker who was killed in Gaza, said he leaves a “legacy of kindness, courage and love to all those in his path”.
  • The Palestinian Authority has written to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres asking for a reconsideration of its application for full UN membership.
  • White House banned the Ramadan iftar meal after several Muslim Americans refused to call to protest Biden’s support Israel’s war in Gazaaccording to two people familiar with the matter.
  • In Israel, thousands of people protested against the government that wants to find an agreement to end the war and ensure the release of the prisoners held in Gaza, while calling for quick elections.
  • The US said it was not involved a plane crash on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, which killed at least 13 people.

Violence in the occupied West Bank

  • Four Israeli police officers were reportedly wounded in a car attack west of the West Bank city of Qalqilya, Al Jazeera Arabic reported on Wednesday.
  • According to Israeli police, the terrorists also tried to stab Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint and one of the two people involved in the drive-by shooting was killed near the town of Kochav Yair.
  • The Israeli army’s overnight raid on Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank continued with the army reportedly entering the towns of Azzun and Kafr Qaddum, east of the city of Qalqilya.


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