iRobot says its new robot vacuum and mop outperforms 600 Series Roombas for $275

Wireless robots and small tools that can help people save a lot of time and energy. However, some popular options are often less expensive, especially when a mopping service enters the mix. As it happens, iRobot has unveiled an easy-to-use 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner and mop. It costs $275 Roomba The Combo Essential surpasses the Roomba 600 Series with 20 times more power, and the addition of a mop and smart walk.

According to iRobot, this model offers 25 percent more cleaning efficiency than the Roomba 600 Series. It’s also said to have a long battery life of up to 120 minutes, the ability to clean in fine lines, customizable suction and fluid settings, Clean Map Reports and smart settings like cleaning schedules.

Although you can set up the cleaner in advance, you can start it at any time with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Alternatively, you can press the White button or press a button in the iRobot Home app to activate the device immediately.

Roomba Combo Essential


The device has four cleaning modes that include adjustable suction and liquid settings, a multi-function v-shaped brush, an edge sweeping brush and a microfiber mop pad pump. When using a vacuum (for example, if you’re looking to remove dirt from a carpet), you’ll need to remove the vacuum cleaner first. This adds a bit of friction to using this model. There’s another trade-off that this isn’t a self-contained Roomba – you’ll need to empty the dirt bin regularly.

However, this looks like a solid Roomba at an eye-catching price. It’s available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa now, and iRobot will go on sale in the US on April 7 and Canada on April 12. The Roomba Combo Essential will arrive in Asia Pacific markets later this month. US citizens can trade in Roomba 600 Series for a $50 credit toward the Roomba Combo Essential

Additionally, iRobot is releasing a model called the Roomba Vac Essential in North America. It has the same smart functions and features as the Combo Essential, but no mop. Robot Removal will cost $250 and will arrive in the US on April 7th and Canada on April 12th.

Meanwhile, iRobot has reached a new milestone. Since Roomba launched in 2002, the company has sold more than 50 million robots.

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