Indeed introduces AI to automate recruiting with ‘Smart Sourcing’ tool


Job seekers are having a tough time in today’s job market – it’s taking longer to get hired or called back since the first days of the pandemic. Abandonmentwhen major employers open up about their desire reduce costsintegration between formerly protected and middle management.

But in a a developing economy where consumers are going strong, companies cannot avoid hiring people to meet the increased demand. And now Indeed, the world’s largest job search site, is calling on AI to make the job easier.

“It takes more than 50 days — you heard me right, 50 plus days — on average, to get the job done,” Rajatish Mukherjee, vice president and head of employer affairs, told reporters this week. , unveiling the company’s new offering that promises to use AI for everything from filtering applicants for open jobs to writing resumes.

“Gone are the days of manual screening and going through a list of applicants,” Mukherjee said.

The system, called “Smart Sourcing,” is designed to identify potential job seekers (for example, looking for people who have recently updated their profile and clicking on the listing); provide potential job matches, complete with a list of AI-generated highlights to show why the person is a good fit; write access messages; and automate the scheduling process.

Employers can pay between $1,150 and $3,840 per year to use Smart Sourcing (a lower figure for occasional hires). By testing, he said, employers save six hours a week with Smart Sourcing.

Mukherjee has seen the benefits, saying, “It took me 45 minutes to an hour to create a good message for someone who would want to respond, because I want them to respond.”

This technology has not come at a good time, as employers – the same workers who are tasked with finding and hiring new employees to expand company positions – are also being cut fast. Googlefor example, they cut hundreds of employees in several groups laid off last year. Amazon confused many hiring contractorsand Meta cut 11,000 jobs in 2022 without limits it affected the recruitment and business sectors. Yes it cut 2,200 jobs last yearAccording to CNN.

Indeed has a solution for job seekers, too, providing an AI tool that will make a summary of the history of water and interesting for job seekers, and organize the options that you can use with one click.

Already, 300 million job seekers on Indeed’s platform have agreed to a Smart Sourcing AI tool that will make them more visible to companies, he said.

Of course, how well it works remains to be seen.

Mukherjee said the tool has the potential to reduce bias, by looking at candidates’ actual skills rather than the presence or absence of a college degree, adding that Indeed has an “AI” team focused on removing bias from the process. . But many studies have already shown AI’s potential to amplify human biases, rather than eliminate them. Some AI tools that focus on the candidate’s body or speech can produce useless results that are not really related to the job performance, while all the analysis tools can simply ignore all the relevant ones, BBC report in February. The magazine cites examples of job applicants who were screened after listing seemingly irrelevant items (football instead of baseball) or listing a birthday that made them look too old.

Other cities and states are moving to improve AI in the hiring process — Illinois has allowed job candidates to opt out of tools that measure their biometrics while New York requires employers to use AI tools to ensure they are not biased, allowing employers to use them. to come out. But so far, consumer advocates say the laws are weak as well not properly followed.

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