How to get a Birkin bag, according to an Hermès insider


$12,000 will get you almost any bag you could want, except a Birkin. Although that is the average price of a popular bag sticker, money is only one part of the sticker. These days, finding a Birkin directly from an Hermès store is harder than ever.

Only customers with a high purchasing history of the French brand are given the opportunity to purchase “quota bags” such as Birkin or Kelly. This trend, called the “Hermès Game,” has made the bags stand out, and has ruffled many feathers. Two Californians recently filed a class action lawsuit against the brand a casesaying that it uses antitrust measures.

It was Birkin designers and famous fans who started to become a “bag” among luxury lovers. But the amount of resale the market, where a Birkin can be bought double its price tag, has changed from a fashion statement to a luxury item.

“You have to be a loyal customer and maybe wait a year or two to get one,” says Joanna Uzunova, founder of luxury resale platform Luxe Buyers’ Club. “In the grand scheme of things, if you’re really in the race, it’s not long. It’s the reward of patience.”

Uzunova worked in sales and visual merchandising at Hermès early in her career. Since leaving the brand, Uzunova has continued to shop there as a fan, and now has more than 10 bags. Uzunova shares insights from all aspects of the Hermès game on social media– and we’ve said it before Chance his top three tips for getting a quota fund.

But first, how much do you spend? In Uzunova’s case, she had to reach a ratio of 1:1 to qualify for the quota fund. In other words, to unlock the opportunity to buy a $12,000 Birkin, a buyer would have to spend $12,000 on other items of that nature.

What you buy matters

Spending five figures at Hermès won’t justify the interest rate fund, Uzunova said, like the things you buy too. He mentioned a number of “bait” in the Hermès range, well-known, which can indicate to the seller that the customer does not know much about the brand. These include bracelets, Oran shoes, and the “H” logo belt.

“There is a gap between the new buyers,” he said. “And people who really want the world of Hermès.”

Uzunova considers herself a “student” of the brand – a quality that Hermès looks for in its customers.

In addition to clothes and accessories, Uzunova said that she has bought dishes from the brand, learning about something good and the difference between each set that is being carried out. His shopping history also includes gifts for friends and family. He said: “You don’t have to like everything you buy.

So which items will unlock a Birkin or a Kelly? Hermès products are divided into several “meters” or categories. The people who receive the bags most frequently are those who shop for ready-to-wear items—clothing, jewelry, jewelry, and household items, Uzunova said.

“A good spread across different brands always helps you,” he said.

Treat it like a business

A Hermès sales assistant may be the last keeper of the Birkin bag. Sales associates tend to represent other customers – while working with store managers to decide who will be given a quota bag. Many customers text their sales associates, to inquire about items they see, or to make an appointment to shop directly.

Uzunova said: “It’s like texting someone who doesn’t want to ask you because they’re probably dealing with a lot of messages from people.”

The face-to-face experience will get buyers more points in the game, he said, but the in-person aspect also turns off many buyers. What is considered acceptable in a Hermès store can vary by location, Uzunova said. For example, in Greece, salespeople and store managers immediately judge a customer based on what they are wearing. In the UK, however, it is not a priority.

“Sometimes people can feel a sense of entitlement when they get into these bottles,” he said. “But you have to think, if you treat someone with indifference or disdain, it shows back to you.”

At the end of the day, it’s a business relationship, Uzunova said, and consumers should treat their volunteer sales as a business partner.

“It’s shrouded in mystery because it’s about people, communication,” he said. “And it’s hard to play there.”

Be committed to the brand

Retail partners can easily tell if someone is a fan of the brand, Uzunova said, as opposed to just spending money in hopes of finding a wallet.

“The brand has a lot of history, and they really want you to be their student,” he said.

Hermès, founded in 1837 as a manufacturer of horse harness, is known for its craftsmanship. Her Birkin bags are handmade in France by the same artisans he says they must teach for five years. Birkin buyers are expected to know all of the above and more.

The pursuit of quota bags has become a “race and a chase” over the past decade, Uzunova said. And while there is no way to authenticate a Birkin, he advises buyers who want to get ahead of the competition to pay attention to the brand.

“Know what you’re asking for, educate yourself about leather and colors,” he said. “And just be curious.”

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