How an iPhone Powered by Google’s Gemini AI Could Work


So, assuming the deal goes through, what would Gemini look like on the iPhone?

First, Gartenberg says it will display a different logo from Apple.

“Maybe it’s something that Apple couldn’t hide under its brand,” he says. “Maybe it will be a place where you can choose your assistant, where it can be Siri classic or the next Siri. And if I’m Google, I’ll still have some kind of brand on it.”

He says that the main search engine on iOS is now Google Search, and it hasn’t been updated like Apple’s service there. Any Gemini-powered AI feature will probably need the same spotlight, especially at a time when Google is heavily encouraged to show off its AI chops.

Apple also needs to focus on its ambitions. Siri, sometimes useful as well very polluted voice assistant, has a long time left behind other digital assistants. Don’t call it bright, but Apple will be looking to improve Gemini-infused AI to breathe new life into its digital assistant.

“I think they’re going to look down on Siri and be like, ‘This is the Siri we thought we had when we launched it 10 years ago,'” says Moorhead. “In fact, it will do the same thing, with a higher price. It will be the one that works.”

This juiced-up Super Siri could be a full-fledged chatbot, with interactive AI capabilities look deep into your soul. It can enable real-time language translation, however filler that can prove. Apple can also use Gemini to create advanced photo and video editing techniques, such as swapping backgrounds, combining multiple photos to make everyone look better, or using AI-powered editing tools to change photos completely.

The possibility of creating images can be on the table, if something is created by Give it to him or The middle trip. Moorhead suggests that Apple could incorporate this type of feature into Siri, such as using words to ask the digital assistant to “make a blue face” or “make this photo a sunny day,” and see the results right away. your photo.

One big thing that Moorhead says is expected in AI-powered phones across the board — not just iPhones, but Android phones — is AI-based visualizations of your life. The idea is that on an AI device it can record everything that happens on your phone throughout the day, combine it all and save it for later recall.

“The runaway hit will be a snapshot,” says Moorhead. “For people like me who can’t remember anything and write everything down, this will be great.”

This, of course, is all that companies like Google and Samsung have already done, or are already working on. But Apple is Apple, and while it’s often not the first company to bring something new to market, it has a way of making an idea attractive or easy to use – even if it’s forced to incorporate another company’s technology.

“There’s an opportunity here for Apple to talk about how a new generation of artificial intelligence meets Apple and Siri, and creates something better,” says Gartenberg. “It won’t be enough for them to just provide basic AI products. They have to say they’re going to take Google’s products and go from there.”


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