Here’s what you can buy if you win the Powerball drawing

As Powerball raises another $1 billion, remember that winning the lottery comes with a lot of questions. Will it change the way my friends treat me? How much money will the government take? Should I take a one-time payment? And, perhaps most importantly, how do I use this new wealth?

As for your friends, that is because you have chosen them wisely. The government? The Feds will be 24% away from you before you check – and the state rates will depend on where you live.

Lump sum or annuity? Many financial advisors recommend an annuity, since few people are willing to use the money without warning.

Ah, but spending money… That’s where it gets fun.

Of course, we’ve all heard the advice: Stop buying big things and be smart with your money. Then, we see people like Edwin Castrowho won the $2 billion election in 2022 and he quickly began to buy the best land, buying a $25.5 million home in the Hollywood Hills; a $4 million property near the gas station where he bought the winning ticket; and a $47 million home in a Los Angeles neighborhood (along with a vintage Porsche 911).

That’s small potatoes, though.

Let’s say you ignore cash flow and decide to pay $595 million. That leaves $452 million after Uncle Sam’s first bite. For the purpose of this test, we will assume that you live somewhere that does not have a state tax.

Here’s what you can add to your profile:

A private island or two: Rangyai Island, near Phuket, Thailand, has been on sale for a while. It has 110 acres of land with water supply, electricity generator and, most importantly, mobile services worth $160 million. If you want something closer to home, Pumpkin Key, a 26-acre island off the coast of Miami is only $75 million (a $20 million price cut a few years ago). The house has three bedrooms, two caretaker’s rooms, and a master bedroom.

Take your team into the air: A trip to Vegas or Paris? That’s the stuff of ordinary people. Tickets for Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin go for about $1.25 million each (at least, that’s what MoonDAO paid to ride the suborbital rocket). You can be both a frequent flyer.

Some of the best beach spots: Sorry… “The One,” the 21 bedroom, 49 bathroom Bel Air itself it was sold in 2022 for $141 million. But luckily, on the other side of the country, a nine-acre property in Naples, Fla. a total of $295 million. It is located at the end of Gordon Pointe in the Port Royal area of ​​Naples.

A private concert of your favorite bands: Bypass Ticketmaster and get your front row seat for the concert. He says, $6 million they’ll get you the Weeknd, Ariana Grande, or Bruno Mars. Coldplay is paid around $1.5 million, as is Post Malone. No word on what Taylor Swift would want, but… Hey, you’ve got a few hundred million.

Sports team: Oakland A’s fans are hoping to keep the team in California, and fear that even winning the lottery won’t help. And forget about buying an NFL team. But you can invest in a minor league baseball team. The first step is to find a team affiliated with your favorite MLB team, then give it a try. Last year, sports and media giant Endeavor sold nine teams to a Silver Lake-based investment firm. for $280 million.

Pizza for a lifetime (and several lifetimes after that): Your millions have not changed you! You still love good Pizza Hut pizza! You can skip coupons, so a large Meat Lover pizza will cost you $23 each. Now you can buy 19.6 million, enough to eat every day for 53,841 years. (Not counted in those prices? Your cardiologist fee.)

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