Hasbro’s New Figure Reveals Are Full of Rebels, Robots, and a Goddamn Hammerhead

Picture: Hasbro

Last week Hasbro-not satisfied with metric quantity of activity statistics and he has been laughing before recently-revealed a bunch of his new figures ChangesGI Joe, Marvel, and Star Wars lines at Wondercon. But, finally, the player is approaching a person from a galaxy far, far away that has been far away.

Momaw Nadon-aka Hammerhead, as the Ithorian bar manager was also fondly mentioned in Kenner’s play. Star Wars image – is the default choice for a Star Wars active, considering that they are inside A New Hope for a few seconds, adding a delicious taste of Mos Eisley Cantina. But that early days of marketing mania it turned out Star Wars In such a changing climate in the toy market that means that no matter how well known someone is, they can sometimes end up on the shelf. Momaw was the first choice, sealing his position in the mind of Star Wars fans and collectors forever.

There have been adaptations of him over the years since the original show, but not in Hasbro’s. 6″-style Black Series line still-though no doubt it was all but certain when, last year, Hasbro revealed a special image of Galaxy version The theme park is reinventing the Disney Parks culture of Ithorian, antiques dealer Dok Ondar. Now, though, finally, we can put our hands on reality sales. Click through to see Momaw and more reveals, including new ones Star Wars Rebels the number of fans who didn’t get their hands on the iconic crowdfunding photo SpiritMore Iron Men for the Marvel Legends line, and more!

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