Hannah Waddingham Is In Pain For Filming Game Of Thrones

“I was like, ‘Good job for them because it was scary,'” Hannah explained. “Because I don’t believe it’s touched yet, in terms of a music video, it’s different.”

He added, “It doesn’t matter what you’re in.” throne, because you only want to give the best.”

And considering the challenges of filming the show, Game of Thrones director of photography Robert McLachlan previously shared the safety measures they took to protect the cast, including using safety harnesses for breathing and having a health and safety officer from HBO advise them on the set-up.

“If anything, as the show gets bigger, in many ways it’s easier and easier to run it because everyone knows it better,” Robert said. Business Insider in an interview published in 2017. “Together with a wonderful, cooperative, creative culture of success that is encouraged, starts from the top and goes down to the bottom. He is one of the most dedicated and professional and dedicated people I have worked with.”

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