Gen Alpha loves sports (especially soccer) and spends 3 hours a day on social media by age 8

Today’s youth are more on the internet. But what about the younger generation to them?

Gen Alpha, also known as kids 10 years old and younger, are already getting involved in social media and social media, according to the second annual Morning Consult. report per generation, based on responses from thousands of US parents across two surveys.

Alphas are new to social media and social media — and athletes and their influencers — but, despite their youth, Morning Consult found that Alphas are already forming habits that marketers can tap into. I want to know.

Children are on the Internet

About half of Alphas download videos every day, according to the report, and by age 8, most of them are watching TV for three hours a day, according to their parents.

  • MrBeast, Blue Ivy Carter, Jake Paul, Logan Pauland North West are some of the most popular Gen Alpha promoters.
  • YouTube and Disney + are the most popular platforms among Alphas: 30% of parents said that Disney + is the advertising platform that their children use the most, and 50% said that YouTube is at the top of the list in terms of platforms.

Given the age restrictions on many social networks, there are “more kids on social networks than I expected,” Joanna Piacenza, head of industry analysis at Morning Consult, told Marketing Brew.

“We have to be careful if advertisers are advertisers, not advertising specifically for 6-year-olds, for children,” he said. “But knowing that they are on platforms, Alphas will take your brand name.”

Alpha fan

Since some of the Alphas are on social media and social media, according to their parents, it makes sense that they were exposed to sports. Morning Consult found that 60% of millennials watched sporting events on TV, and nearly half (47%) watched them. college sports on TV.

Parents told Morning Consult that smaller percentages participated in sports personally — 39% in professional sports and 28% in college sports — and 18% had previously participated in fantasy sports.

  • The NFL, NBA, MLB, and men’s soccer are the most popular sports among Alphas, according to the report.
  • While 9% of Gen Zers and all US adults, respectively, are identified as “fans” of male soccer fans, 14% of Alphas are the same, their parents said.
  • Women’s soccer and the WNBA are among the most popular sports for Alphas, although larger segments of the younger generation are “fantastic” fans of the sport than all US adults, according to the report.


Marketers who want to reach Alphas, through influencers, runners, or otherwise, may want to learn a new language: Alpha slang. Almost a third (29%) of Alpha parents said their young child uses it they don’t understandaccording to the report.

  • Almost a third (33%) have heard their young child say “bet.”
  • The same percentages have heard “GOAT” (32%) and “sus” (31%).
  • Another 28% heard “bussin” and “cap.”

“You can’t talk to them if you don’t know the language they’re speaking, and this is the language they’re speaking,” Piacenza said. “In two months, the list will be written.”

This report was first published in Marketing Brew.

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