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I can’t get enough Samsung Galaxy S24? The company’s latest phone release may be the most varied of its offerings, with a huge difference between the regulars S24, S24+and Very much different colors due to the more expensive type of titanium. There’s a lot to decide, so we’re here to help make your decision a little easier.

How to Order Samsung Galaxy S24

The Galaxy S24 lineup should be in stores starting Wednesday. You can find it Samsung website, Best Buyor anywhere else where phones are sold.

Almost all US carriers are offering the S24, however, as always, it’s a good idea to read the fine print before jumping on a new phone plan. Xfinity and Comcast are telling their customers that they can save up to $800 on each of the S24 models with sales, although this will depend on the age and features of their current device.

T-Mobile is advertising you can get money on your bill and sell the Galaxy S24 + or Ultra, even if they are on the Go5G Plus or Next Plan. This is being used as a loan for bills that are happening in the next two years. They can also get up to $800 off the S24 through their bills by adding a line to the plan. Remember, learning about each of these plans’ benefits is a good idea before signing up.

Verizon offers 0% monthly APR on all new Galaxy models. In addition, those on Verizon Unlimited plans are offered the opportunity to trade in any Samsung phone in any condition for the new Galaxy S24 or S24+. You can pay back your monthly payments over time.

Currently, AT&T is offering your deals when you trade in the S24+ and Ultra models, or up to $800 off the regular S24 as long as you have the telecom company’s unlimited plans.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Specifications and Price

Picture: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

Now for the important part, AKA what you need to know about the latest Galaxy before hitting the buy button. Stable Galaxy S24 it costs $ 800 for the 128 GB model with 256 GB external storage capacity. The S24+ and $1,000 with 256 GB and more storage up to 512 GB.

The standard S24 remains on a comfortable 6.2-inch screen with FHD +, 120 Hz. The S24+ measures up to 6.5 inches with a Quad HD+ display. It comes with 8 GB of integrated memory and features The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, Qualcomm’s latest chip. You can expect the usual array of cameras from the Samsung lineup, including a 50-MP main sensor, a 10-MP telephoto, and a 12 MP ultrawide. Don’t forget the 12-MP selfie camera on the front. Otherwise, its shape, size, and weight are very reminiscent of last year’s Galaxy.

But about Galaxy S24 Ultra, things have changed a bit. This is the most expensive model of the company’s mobile phone, starting at $1,300 for 256 GB of internal memory. There are also 512 GB and 1 TB storage options.

The Ultra model now costs $100 more than last year’s S23 Ultra, and this is largely due to the new titanium frame that is supposed to be stronger than the previous aluminum one. The Ultra’s 6.8-inch, 120 Hz flat panel display also sports Corning Gorilla Armor for screen protection and glare reduction. As far as the camera goes, its optical performance has been boosted by a 5x optical zoom lens over a 50 MP telephoto lens. That’s in addition to the 12-MP ultra-wide, 200-MP wide, and 10-MP telephoto with 3x zoom.

The titanium construction doesn’t add much heft compared to the S23, but the S24 isn’t light either. It weighs a little over .5 pounds and is only three inches tall. The Ultra variant packs 12 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip.

What Kinds Are Available on S24?

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Picture: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

Samsung went back to matte in its color choice on the standard S24. The affordable models of Samsung’s latest smartphone, including the S24 and S24+, come in Cobalt Violet and muted Amber Yellow, alongside dark and light grays like Onyx Black and Marble Grey.

On the other hand, the new titanium frame of the S24 Ultra has made the colors of the cheaper phones a little brighter, even with the same colors. The Ultra comes in Titanium Gray, Titanium Black (a variation of light and dark gray), Titanium Violet, and Titanium Yellow.

What Do We Think About the Galaxy S24 So Far?

Gizmodo’s Florence Ion who has been using the S24 Ultra extensively over the past few weeks, and they have ideas that you can find here. Suffice it to say, the new $1,300 phone is a step up from last year’s model thanks to a titanium frame, a better and brighter screen, and all-new AI software packed floor to ceiling inside Samsung’s latest phone. Its innovative capabilities are also not to be trifled with, thanks to the 5x zoom on the telephoto lens.

You can be sure that we’re working on a full coverage of the latest Samsung S24 slate, so stay tuned.

How Good Is the Galaxy S24’s AI?

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Picture: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

Like the Google Pixel 8 before it, Samsung wanted to position its latest phone as an “AI phone”. Whatever that means, Samsung wasted a lot of time The Galaxy Unpacked event talking about the new AI version of the new phone.

Many of these new features are things we’ve seen before, but the Seoul-based tech giant is bringing it all together in one place. As we’ve seen in our ongoing review, the Instant Slow-mo feature works well, adding AI-generated frames to videos to add slow motion. Generative Edit, like Google’s Magic Eraser, also works well to remove objects from images and fill in the remaining space.

There is also best advertisers Circle to Search which is also coming to Pixel 8 phones. When you press on the navigation bar, you can use swipe or rotate to show an image or text on the screen. The app will search for the image or text similar to how Google Lens works.

AI images also come with a watermark and metadata tag designed to identify the AI ​​image. Of course, you can edit the image metadata and remove the watermark, so it’s not like Samsung is promising to save the world from deep stuff. Hell, you can use Samsung’s AI to remove the watermark have been added to the updated images.

In addition, Samsung has confirmed that its AI can be free forever. Samsung CEO TM Roh said this the company is looking into AI-powered payments after the end of 2025. We still don’t know what it will look like, and obviously, neither does Samsung. It’s something worth noting considering how AI seems to be making a big push in the mobile market.

How Durable is the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

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Picture: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

It’s still early days, and people will need to put all the new phones on their devices. However, we have a good idea of ​​how strong titanium can be in phones because of iPhone 15 Pro. While Apple’s premium device was lighter than its previous Pro devices, the S24 Ultra model and its new titanium shell are the same as last year, perhaps due to internal changes. The Corning Gorilla Armor on the Ultra should also be stronger and more durable than the Victus 2 shield on the standard S24.

Just because it’s now covered with a hard material doesn’t mean you need a case or a screen protector. That said, the device it may be easier to fix when things get tough, especially based on the latest S24 teardowns. Videos also show that the new phone has improved its cooling with a large vapor chamber, which can handle the high temperature from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

Need help?

Need help with your Samsung smartphone? See how we can turn it off pesky Samsung ad you will experience it. And if you’re trading in a Samsung device on credit for a new one, factory reset before you send it. Or, if you prefer to save money on the latest Galaxy series, the good news is that all the advanced AI software is coming. old Samsung devices.

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