Does your car need a rear windshield?

You know people who say they’d give up a major organ to own a luxury car? Ask them if they feel that way . The latest Polestar tour has made its North American debut at the NY Auto Show and it doesn’t have a rearview mirror. Sound and rear passengers get better headroom and ride more comfortable than other cars. Drivers, meanwhile, get a premium view when the rearview mirror is in place, linked to a live feed from a rear-mounted camera. Considering how many people’s heads or pickups obscure the rear view, it’s a trade-off I’m willing to accept.

– Dan Cooper

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Twenty years of customer being a product.

Gmail wasn’t the first service to convert users into a business, . After all, when Facebook and its siblings are constantly under fire for privacy issues, who’s mad at Gmail? Our memory package has been heavily involved in the past 20 years of popular Google products.

… Oh, I’m talking about Google and privacy.

The researcher has solved a recent case related to Chrome’s tracking of Incognito users. . (It’s always a good sign when a company promises to stop doing what it’s been told to do, but only for a short period of time.)

They might call it Waffle Rough-House.

For the uninitiated, Waffle House is a group of 24/7 American diners known for their random acts of violence. It seems to be well known that Tekken players have been . Sadly, it probably won’t happen because Waffle House is accused of underpaying its workers and, according to the above, putting them in an unsafe work environment.

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