Disneyland’s Autopia Decides to It Call Quits on Gas Cars


It’s been great 69 years of Disneyland to attract a car Autopia, but in the end it’s getting the upgrade it deserves from its neighbors. It is located in the futuristic area called Tomorrowland, which is close to Space Mountain and Star Trekthe ride has used gas-powered cars since its inception in 1955. Now, though, Disney has announced that the ride will soon make a pivot to electric cars.

“Since the opening of Disneyland park in 1955, Autopia has remained a favorite with young children getting to drive for the first time,” Disneyland spokeswoman Jessica Good said. Los Angeles Times. “As the industry moves to alternative fuels, we have developed an electrification strategy to attract this and we are exploring the technology that will help us transition from petrol engines in the next few years.”

That statement, of course, does not give an exact time, or answer whether the new cars will be electric or hybrid, but it is a start.

Like other parts of Disneyland it still continues revised, modified, or deletedit always seems strange Autopia he is he remained unchanged. Not just because of the smell of gasoline and fatigue that pervades the area, or because it’s a seemingly futuristic technology surrounded by a futuristic world. Usually, it’s because it takes up a lot of space that could be used for almost anything else. Every time fans think about how Disneyland can change, remove it Autopia is almost always part of the equation.

And yet, as it were, Autopia they allow children of all ages to do something they can’t do almost anywhere else in the world: drive a car. Which is very special. So that the trip will stop destroying the environment immediately, it is very special.

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