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Dean McDermott broke the silence on his divorce from his estranged wife Tori Spelling. The 57-year-old actor’s comment came hours later Beverly Hills, 90210 age, 50, they discussed her marriage to Dean on her”Typing incorrectly“podcast.

“Tori and I are fine,” Dean said in a video posted by Daily Mail Monday, April 1. In response to a videographer’s question about him and Tori, the Canadian native added that their divorce was “a long time coming” before getting into his car and driving off.

Hours later, Tori was seen calling Dean on her podcast to inform him that she had broken up with him. He didn’t answer his phone, so Tori left a note asking Dean to call her, and said it was “important.” Dean called her back a few minutes later on the air which prompted Tori to explain what happened.

“I hate doing this to you when you’re in the middle of working and everything.” They will,” Tori explained to Dean over the phone. “It’s just normal. It’s like a single piece of paper that you print out and then you have to sign. Do you have a lawyer? Wait, how is it supposed to be, that I had enough with you? What do you mean?”

Then Tori was heard saying, “If it’s like that, ‘Who writes first, the other is wrong,’ I feel like I should write first.” Well, I mean you put everything there Daily Mail, as you said, everything you have done for me over the years. So, I think it would be reasonable to follow up on what I would have to offer. These are things I would not reveal to anyone, and you did. “

Tori was talking about Dean’s interview It’s a result of last year, when he talked about his mistakes as a man. Despite the phone call, Tori revealed on her podcast that their marriage “wouldn’t last 18 years.”

“I think he would say the same thing if he and I had a real heart,” he added. “It could have been over sooner.”

The couple married in 2006 and share a child Beau, Finn, Hattie, Stella and Liam. In June 2023, Dean announced via Instagram that he and Tori had split. He then promptly deleted the post later that day. However, the couple moved in with different friends, as Dean was seen Lily Calo and Tori was seen kissing Ryan Cramer by the end of 2023.


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