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Dave Coulier I will never forget that kindness Bob Saget showed him throughout their relationship. In the March 29 episode of Full House Rewind podcastDave, 64, praised his long-time partner for his actions away from any cameras.

“The biggest hugger I knew was Bob Saget,” the actor shared. “If you were in trouble, Bob was there for you.”

When Dave’s brother, Dannydied by suicide in 2021, Bob was the first person to sing and leave a voice.

“It was an emotional hug,” Dave explained of the call. “I love Bob and he loves me.”

To close the show, a Real Ghostbusters star played a voicemail message that Bob left in hopes of encouraging listeners to empathize with their loved ones.

“I know this isn’t the time to call, but I’m here 24/7 right now,” Bob said in the video. “I love you Dave, and I’m so sorry, Dave. I loved him. I’m sorry. So I’m here. I’m here 24/7, just call me anytime. It doesn’t have to be here, it could be a week, anytime. I can just talk to you and listen. I love you so much.”

The poignant memory comes two years after Bob tragically died in a Florida hotel room from head injuries. He was 65 years old.

In his words, Bob’s family revealed that the actor “accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and fell asleep.” They added that no drugs or alcohol were involved.

“As we continue to mourn together, we ask everyone to remember the love and laughter that Bob brought to this world,” the statement continued, “and the lessons he taught us all: to be kind to everyone, to let the people you love. know that you love them, and face the challenges and hugs and laughs.”

Since Bob’s death, many of the Full house the artist sits next to his widow, Kelly Rizzo. When he appears on Full House Rewind podcast, shared how Bob’s three daughters – who were raised by an ex-wife Sherri Kramer – helped her on her healing journey.

“It’s very special and it’s something in life right now that I’m very happy to have,” Kelly, 44, said. “As scary and tough and sad and painful as Bob’s loss was, having them as a part of him makes things work.”

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