Court Bans Use of ‘AI-Enhanced’ Video Evidence Because That’s Not How AI Works


A judge in Washington state has banned “AI-enhanced” video evidence from being introduced in a triple murder trial. And that’s a good thing, because most people seem to be thinking about using it AI filters may give them access to private data.

Judge Leroy McCullough in King County, Washington wrote in a new ruling that the AI ​​tech used, “non-obvious ways to represent what the AI ​​type ‘thinks’ should be shown,” according to a new report from the source. NBC News Tuesday. And it’s a bit of a refresher on what’s going on with these AI tools in the world of AI hype.

“This court finds that admitting this additional evidence would result in a distortion of the narrative and would distort the testimony of the eyewitnesses, and would result in a lengthy trial in a non-peer-friendly type of AI,” McCullough wrote.

The case involves Joshua Puloka, 46, who is accused of killing three people and injuring two others at a bar outside Seattle. in 2021. Puloka’s lawyers want to show the cellphone video taken by the bystander that was altered by AI, though it is unclear what they believe will be found in the altered footage.

Puloka’s lawyers say they used an “expert” in video production who had never been involved in a criminal case to “enhance” the video. The AI ​​tool that the unnamed expert used was developed by a Texas-based company Topaz Labswhich is available to anyone with an internet connection.

The introduction of AI-powered recording devices in recent years has created a lot of confusion about what can be achieved with this technology. Many people believe that running a photo or video through AI upscalers can give you a better idea of ​​what’s already there. But, in reality, the AI ​​program does not provide a clear picture of the information contained in the image – the program is simple. addition information that was not there before.

For example, there was a popular conspiracy theory that Chris Rock was wearing some kind of face pad when he was slapped by Will Smith at the Academy Awards in 2022. This theory started because people started running pictures of the slap using high-up images, believing that they could see better. what was happening.

But that’s not what happens when you run photos through AI enhancement. A computer program is simply adding details to make the image sharper, which often distorts the content. Using the slider below, you can see the pixelated image that was infected before people started feeding through the AI ​​software and “discovered” things that weren’t there in the original broadcast.

Countless photos and videos of the incident show that Rock did not have a pad on his face. But this has not stopped people from believing that they can see something hidden by “upgrading” the picture to “8K.”

The rise of things labeled as AI has led to confusion among the general public about what these tools can achieve. Major languages ​​like ChatGPT have convinced some smart people that chatbots can think hard when it’s not what’s going on behind the scenes. LLMs are simply predicting the next words they should spit out to sound like a sane person. But because they do a good job of sounding human, many users believe that they are doing something more technical than magic.

And this seems to be the reality we will have for a long time billions of dollars are being poured into the AI ​​industry. Many people who should know better believe that something big is going on behind the curtain and are quick to denounce “bias” and that security is too strict. But when you dig deep you find this which is called hallucination it’s not some secret power set up by hyper-awakened people, or anything. He’s just a product of this AI technology and not the best at his job.

Fortunately, a judge in Washington realized that this technology could not provide a better image. Although we have no doubt that there are many judges around the US who have bought into the AI ​​hype and don’t understand what it means. It’s only a matter of time before we get an AI-powered video for court use that shows nothing but visual cues after the event.


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