Beautiful Nails Under $30

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Is it just us, or does makeup from a nail salon feel really, really expensive these days?

If you are trying to do so have a budget, your weekly trips to the nail salon may be one of the first things to go. But that doesn’t mean you have to change your manicure totally!

Stop spending $60 on gel polish or double that on acrylic nails and nail extensions. Our expert shoppers have found nails for $30 and under, and they’re super cute.

Unlike spending time in an expensive salon, home-printed nails take just a few minutes to create and look as good as, for example, gel-enhanced nails.

You can be your own nail art and press machine. As the moniker “press-on” implies, you apply an artificial nail press it to your natural nailstick to the nail bed with nail glue or glue.

You can choose the shape of the nail by its size, color, and shape nail design, including nail fun. We’ve also found press-on nails that mimic the shape of your natural nails, including short and long options.

Buy press-on nails that are cheaper than salon manicures

Be the master of your nails! Salon services are expensive, and nail polishes always last two days. Shop the $30-and-under nails in the prints below.

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