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VANCOUVER, Wash. – Barrett’s business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: NASDAQ:), a provider of business management solutions, announced today the addition of Kaiser Permanente to its health plans for customers in Kaiser locations. The new partnership aims to enhance BBSI’s healthcare services by providing access to Kaiser health care and wellness programs.

“We are excited to partner with Kaiser Permanente to advance our health benefits,” said Gary Kramer, CEO of BBSI. This partnership is part of BBSI’s efforts to provide comprehensive health solutions to promote the health of employees and contribute to the success of the organization.

BBSI, known for combining public services with professional consulting, offers services including payroll processing, employee benefits, compensation, risk management, and operations management. The partnership with Kaiser Permanente, a well-known leader in healthcare, is expected to expand BBSI’s network of healthcare providers.

The partnership with Kaiser Permanente demonstrates BBSI’s commitment to continuing to improve its services and provide value to its customers. The company’s integrated platform is designed to help businesses of all sizes run more efficiently.

To learn more about BBSI’s business solutions and healthcare offerings, interested parties are encouraged to visit the company’s website. This story is based on a press release.

InvestingPro Insights

Barrett Business Services, Inc. (BBSI) recently made headlines with its strategic partnership with Kaiser Permanente to boost its health benefits. As investors consider the potential impact of this move on BBSI’s performance, a look at the company’s financials and stock performance provides some useful information.

BBSI has been showing confidence in its stock, as management has been involved in share buybacks, a move that often signals the company’s value and future prospects.

In addition, BBSI’s filings show a healthy financial position, with more cash than debt, which could leave the company with an uncertain financial position or investment in growth.

From a performance perspective, BBSI has maintained a solid strategy, as evidenced by the significant price increases over the past six months. Shares of the company are trading near 52-week highs, indicating that investors have strong confidence in the stock market and its outlook for the future.

InvestingPro Data also supports our understanding of BBSI’s financials and key metrics:

  • Market Cap (Adjusted): 832.33M USD
  • P/E Ratio (Adjusted) for the last twelve months as of Q4 2023: 16.45
  • Revenue Growth in the last twelve months from Q4 2023: 1.42%

Although BBSI’s P/E ratio is high compared to its long-term earnings growth, it is worth considering for investors, including the company’s 19 consecutive years of consistent earnings and potential earnings this year, according to analysts. .

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