Apple Store Workers Say Coworkers Were Punished for Helping Palestinians

About 300 current and former Apple employees are involved published an open letter stating that several of the company’s sales and corporate employees have been disciplined or “wrongfully terminated” for showing support for the Palestinians through pins, bracelets, or keffiyehs.

The group, which calls itself Apples4Ceasefire, is preparation demonstrations outside the Apple store in Lincoln Park, Chicago, on Saturday. In a podcast published last week by the Palestinian American media, the group claims that a Palestinian employee at the site was wrongfully fired for wearing clothing and equipment to show support for the Palestinian people. The podcast also discusses what is said in the letter, and details several Apple employees who have retaliated against managers.

The group’s letter, which was released last week, also calls on Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives to acknowledge the deaths of many people in Gaza as a result of Israel’s airstrikes in the area in response to the Hamas attack on October 7. Cook sent an email to two Apple employees. . A few days after the attack, Hamas expressed sympathy for those who died or were bereaved, the letter said. It adds that “after more than 150 days of violence against the innocent people of Palestine, there has still been no message sent to show the concern of the same nation towards them.”

Apple did not respond for comment in time for publication.

About 1,200 people died in the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas, the Israeli government estimates. The UN said last week that more than 32,000 Palestinians have died since the conflict began, citing information from the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

Tariq Ra’ouf, a technology specialist at an Apple store in Seattle who helped organize the Apples4Ceasefire campaign, says most of the signatories to the letter are Apple employees, who have signed a few dozen in corporate roles such as product management. or software development. 55 of the signatories were identified as former employees. The signatories are from cities around the world, including Chicago; Petersburg; London; and Apple’s home in Cupertino, California.

“Apple says they want to make the world a better place,” says Ra’ouf. “This is a rare, historic opportunity to do the work of making the world a better place.”

Corporate disagreements

Apple is not the only tech giant where employees have demanded that management show recognition or support for the Palestinian people since Israel’s recent war with Hamas began.

On March 4, more than 600 employees at Google signed a petition calling for the company to withdraw funding for an Israeli technology conference in New York, with many workers protesting outside the event. The developer of Google Cloud interrupted the discussion at the meeting with General manager of Google in Israelordering is complete Google works with the Israeli government on the ground Project Nimbus.

The staff has noticed that Nimbus devices can monitor many people, but neither Google nor the Israeli government has publicly stated that Nimbus is used for this purpose. The employee was then forcibly removed from the event he was fired by Google that same week.

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