2 Ways to Google Search From Telegram or WhatsApp Without Leaving App


Launching a browser to search the web and returning to a social media app to share that information with a friend can be difficult. Fortunately, some tools can help share information in a messaging app. This blog post will explore ways to search online from Telegram or WhatsApp without leaving the app.

How Can I Search Websites Within Telegram or WhatsApp App?

Some useful bots allow us to search directly within the messaging app itself. Bots are small programs or programs that provide a specific function within a messaging application. What we will be looking for will help us search the Internet within the program, saving you time. Let’s look at this in detail.

Method 1 – Yoursearch.ai (WhatsApp & Telegram)

Yoursearch.ai is a powerful search bot that works seamlessly within WhatsApp and Telegram. You can write messages within the discussion and find relevant answers with words and links.

To find “yoursearch.ai” on your Telegram, follow these steps –

1. Go to yoursearch.ai website on the browser.

Yoursearch.ai website UI

2. Scroll down and click “Search for Telegram” button to log in to Telegram.

Your Telegram search button printed in red.

3. Click on “Get started” to start the bot.

Start button highlighted in red to start chatting

4. Type the topic you want to search and click “Send it.”

5. In a few seconds, results will appear with a brief description of the topic and other words for further reading.

Search results with your telegraph bot search

To find “yoursearch.ai” on your WhatsApp, follow these steps –

1. Go to yoursearch.ai website on your mobile browser.

2. Scroll down and click on the “Yoursearch WhatsApp” button, which will direct you to WhatsApp.

Search for the WhatsApp button which is highlighted in red.

3. In chat, type what you want to search and send it.

4. In a few seconds, you will have results. It will have a short description of the topic and some words for further reading.

Search results from your search on WhatsApp bot.

Additional Information

You can use the tools mentioned below to use the “YourSearch” tool as much as possible:

1. Image Search – Include “image” before asking to search for images. (for example, “Graphic laptops”)

Chat showing how to search for images using a search bot.
2. Video search – Include “video” before the query to search for video results. (for example, “movie border”)

Chat showing how to search for videos using a search bot.

3. Searching for Articles – Include “news” before the query to search for news stories. (for example, “Nvidea News”)

A chat showing how to search for articles using a search bot.

4. Article Search – Enter “article” before the search to search for articles. (eg, “article meristics”)

A chat showing how to search for articles using a search bot.

Method 2 – Wikipedia Bot (@Wiki, Telegraph)

The Wikipedia bot is easy to set up and uses a quick Wikipedia search in Telegram. It gives you access to the entire Wikipedia catalog, eliminating the need to exit the program to search for information. You can find it directly in the chat itself. Here’s how to use it –

1. Start chatting with Wikipedia telegram botand then you can type “@wiki” in any chat to see the option to search Wikipedia.

@wiki highlighted in red on telegram chat.

2. The bot will retrieve and display relevant Wikipedia articles in the chat. From the results, select the appropriate one.

3. The bot will respond with a link that will take you to the Wikipedia page on the topic.

4. There is a way to “Instant See,” which shows a preview of the text itself.


Q. How Can I Use Telegram as a Search Engine?

Although Telegram doesn’t work as a full-fledged search engine, you can use bots like Yoursearch.ai or the Wikipedia bot to perform similar tasks. These bots provide you with results within the Telegram app itself.

Q. How Do I Use Telegraph Global Search?

Telegram’s global search allows you to search for messages, communications, or content within groups and channels. To find it, click on the magnifying glass icon in the right corner of the main page and write your question. A list of all content with keywords will be included.

Q. Do These Bots Show Sponsored Search Results?

None of the bots listed here are showing results or ads. Yoursearch.ai says it doesn’t show sponsored results, and the official Wiki bot takes information from Wikipedia, which doesn’t show ads.

The end

This will save you from the hassle of jumping in and out of the messaging app while receiving information. Using Yoursearch.ai or Wiki bot, you can search the web directly in Telegram or WhatsApp, saving you time and making your conversations more seamless. So the next time you want to clarify something in your chat, check out these useful tools and stay informed without leaving the app. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse to read more.

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