You can now use your phone to get started with Amazon’s palm-reading tech

Amazon which allows people to sign up for its hand recognition service without going to a store. The Amazon One app uses the smartphone’s camera to take a picture of your palm to set up an account. Once registered, you can pay for things using only your hand, eliminating the burden of carrying a smartphone, cash or a heavy plastic card.

The technology uses artificial AI to analyze palm vein patterns, and converts that information into “a unique, vector-based number” that is recognized by in-store scanners. You need to add a payment option in the app to get started and upload a picture of your ID for age verification purposes.

The app is launching today for iOS and Android. Previously, you had to go to your location to sign up for Amazon One. Beyond payment, technology is also used as an age verification tool and a means of engagement without coming with a ticket.

Once you give your handprint to you will have access to everything . Amazon, after all, owns Whole Foods. Amazon One payments are also accepted at including some airports, stadiums and shopping malls.

There is , as passwords can change but gestures cannot. Amazon says all uploaded palm tree images are “stored and sent to a secure Amazon One environment” in the Amazon Web Service cloud. The company also said that the app “includes some automatic features,” noting that it is not possible to save or download palm photos on the phone itself.

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