Yes, You Really Need a Budget

Because you have to approve each transaction as you do, YNAB requires more processing than other programs. I accept activities several times a week. Seeing this regularly, however, means I can think about my priorities in real time. After paying the bills, I set aside money for emergencies, summer camp for the kids, and vacations.

In the past few months, I also found it better to take my kids out for lunch instead of buying dinner for myself because I was tired or had to go. The purpose of Friday family pizza and movie night is not to cook and spend time together; Cold pizza does better than delivery.

As you reinvest and distribute later, your money “ages” in your bank account. It stretches longer, longer. When you are no longer worried about your monthly or daily expenses, you can make big plans.

“I’m not saying that I want people to do that love money,” said Mecham. (He wasn’t.) “But what if money really he was just the fruits of our labor? Let’s give him the respect he deserves. You can’t impose a policy on someone and say, ‘This is what you have to do with your money or you’re not committing adultery.’ You want to think about your money in a hypothetical or hypothetical way, not in a disciplined way. “

No Shame

Mecham and I grew up in religions. He didn’t say it until I did, but he is a regular member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I was raised a devout Catholic. This brings me to the second thing about YNAB that I really like, which is the amazing built in UI.

“You have to have a budget plan that acknowledges human frailty and provides a way back,” I said. “Many programs show money or fitness and punish you. There is no way back from that.”

“It’s a blessing,” Mecham said. “You are talking about grace.”

Let’s say you spend a lot of money in one category. A birthday party is coming up, and you want a new dress (even though you have a lot of dresses, this is not from your events or anything), so you buy on impulse. YNAB shows you how much money you have left and allows you to withdraw immediately—I guess. Well, I made my clothing budget for this month. I will take this from the money I set aside to work in the garden. Do I really love clothes more than gardening? Interesting. You couldn’t tell by looking at me. Maybe I don’t.

This is very interesting about YNAB. As you can tell by browsing the subreddit or the Facebook groupIt’s easier to have money in your budgeting program if it focuses not only on the math of the budget but also on the mind.

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