X-Men ’97 Is Now One of Disney+’s Biggest Animated Series

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The X-Men arrived on Disney+ with full force especially well-designed optic explosion. Disney revealed this X-Men ’97‘s Premiere on the streamer last week broke a platform record—and it’s not just supporting a new show, either.

This week Disney confirmed (via Deadline) that the opening of two episodes of the new series was viewed four million times in the first five days it was available on Disney +. It’s making it now X-Men ’97 The most successful show on the platform for what the studio calls “the longest musical” since Marvel’s first animated project, What if?. Note that the description covers several caveats of animation on Disney +; “full length” here does not count as a list Star Wars: The Vision or Zootopia +or even Marvel itself I’m Groot anthology, but compares X-Men ’97 to the likes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens or the recent launch of the afrofuturist series In front. But either way, it’s news that the series has made the kind of big wave that Marvel would want as its first TV project with the X-Men since they got their adaptation rights back from Disney/Fox. including.

But X-Men ’97 it’s not just self-improvement, it’s also a trigger. Disney says that since the first trailer for the new show was released last month, the top streams X-Men: The Movie Series– who ’97 it’s a direct continuation of—he’s shot over and over five hundred percent, as people raced to find time for the new series to arrive. Suffice it to say, the middle of this is a joke to reunite a new age of X-Men mythology incorporating elements of classic ’90s shows and decade-old designs really back in style for the X-Men, regardless of whether it’s on screen or in the pages of comics.

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