Why Pedro Pascal’s The Last of Us Schedule Became a Major Story

Ninety-nine percent, this sentence seems devoid of any hidden meaning: “Pedro Pascal has finished painting The Last of Us the second season.” Every day the actors start filming and then they finish filming. When it happens it is usually not necessary. However, at this point people started freaking out about it—and even though the statement was said to be inaccurate, that it caused a slight scandal is a very interesting story.

Rumors of Pascal ending his filming started earlier this week. To some extent, it raised eyebrows because The Last of Us A second season has been announced they’ve only been filming for a few weeks and is expected to continue through the summer. He’s one of the characters on the HBO hit series, so what he’d do seemed like a no-brainer for that reason alone.

Except, it didn’t, if you have any extras. The Last of Us season two is changing the game The Last of Us Part II, and for anyone who has played this game, The rumors of Pascal’s plan served as an indirect answer to a question that fans have had for a while. Before we get to that, it’s important to note that when the rumors started circulating, HBO told IGN that The rumor that he did the painting was not correct. Does that mean they are still filming? Does that mean he finished filming and came back? And, finally, why is this meaningless story being told with such interest?

The last question we can answer, but it requires discussing the events in The Last of Us Part II game and, possibly, the second season of the HBO series.

This is covered again and again but, to repeat, the character of Pedro Pascal, Joel, is not the main part of The Last of Us Part II. In the first game of the game, he was killed by a woman named Abby in revenge for killing his father, a. a doctor at the Joel hospital where he went to kill to save Ellie. Ellie doesn’t know that part and goes on a revenge mission to find and kill Abby.

So! A simple sentence like “Pedro Pascal has finished painting.” The Last of Us season two” means, for fans of the show, that the second season of the show follows the same story and structure. The Joel is in several parts or parts and then WHAM. Dead.

Which, when it comes to major TV series, always felt like something that wouldn’t happen. Even before The Last of Us broadcasters, presenters Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann chatted coy about how they would do it this choice in the game. Basically, they didn’t want the game players to worry that Joel could die or leave the game easily. Also, there is no guarantee that they will follow the game. Their show is hosted by one of the biggest stars in the world. Hiring him for any reason is a great decision at any level.

The story that the story of the game will be division of at least two seasons then changed the conversation. So it seems possible that Joel will die, but maybe until FINISH of season two. (To explain that although Joel dies at the beginning of the game, it is the center of the whole story, with the first half following Ellie’s revenge after his death and the second half explaining Abby’s problems. already his death.)

If Pascal was indeed filmed, it shows that he is not on the show and that Mazin and Druckmann are taking the easy way out by just following the game to the letter. But, now, we know that those rumors are “not true.” Which, if you want to get all the conspiracy theories about it, is a very specific choice of words. It goes without saying that he has months left to paint. It goes without saying that they are still filming. For all we know he might come back one day for one day and he’d be right. HBO is just saying that it is not true that Pedro Pascal has finished filming the second season. The question of whether Joel dies in the second season of The Last of Usor when, remains a mystery.

And now, about 700 words later, we’re just talking and making the most important point you can think of: someone’s done. It should be meaningless. But how long Pedro Pascal on the set of The Last of Us the second season, and a window of all the events of the season and series. Something we will be discussing and discussing in the next year The Last of Us is finally returning with its second season.

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