Why Eva Mendes Quit Acting—And Why It’s About Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes he has found his place beyond pine and Ryan Gosling and their children.

In fact, a Hitch alum, whose last film credit was Ryan’s 2014 directorial debut The Lost Rivershe doesn’t regret giving up her acting career to focus on raising their daughters Esmeralda Amada9, and Amada Lee7.

“It was kind of pointless,” Eva replied TodayMarch 26 broadcast. “I’m lucky if I have this time with my children.”

That’s why she’s so selective about her work, choosing projects – like her Skura Style house line – that will allow her to stay close to home.

“Playing puts you in a place,” Eva said. “It takes you a long way.”

The 50-year-old added that Ryan, who he they started dating after filming their 2011 crime drama The place Beyond the Pineshe also agreed with his decision.

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