What Apple’s Antitrust Suit Means for Communications


Michael Calories: Is it granular, like salt, like spices?

Andrew Coutts: Yes. It’s like a perfectly cooked sea salt with a variety of herbs and spices. I don’t know exactly what’s in it. Unlike my wife, I do not read Italian. Everything in the ingredient list is still unknown to me, but it’s a delicious mystery.

Michael Calories: Very nice.

Lauren Goode: That sounds amazing. Where do you get it? Well, it sounds like your wife brought it all the way from Italy, but if so, where do you get it here in the States?

Andrew Coutts: You can only buy online at various Italian specialty stores. I believe he got it at the place where they make it, but it’s in Parma, I believe, and that’s where the Parmigiano Reggiano is made, where the prosciutto is.

Michael Calories: Prosciutto.

Andrew Coutts: A giant … Well, it’s all in the world of delicious, delicious Italian food, but you can buy it online.

Lauren Goode: Good.

Michael Calories: I’m hungry now.

Lauren Goode: I believe Lucca has it.

Michael Calories: Yeah, maybe. Maybe. I say it’s like Italian Za’atar.

Lauren Goode: Sounds like it.

Michael Calories: OK. Yes. I will be putting it on my avocado toast from now on. Thank you.

Andrew Coutts: A great call.

Michael Calories: Lauren, what do you think?

Lauren Goode: My thoughts are very slow thoughts. Back in 2022, many people were arguing about this book. Then I started reading it. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

Michael Calories: Yes.

Lauren Goode: Yeah, that’s good.

Michael Calories: Is it for video games?

Lauren Goode: It’s about video games, but it’s really about friendship. It is about a few characters, two in particular, who are childhood friends, and their friendship extends into adulthood. It’s a secondary relationship, no more, but they’re also supporting video games and they’re very emotional. It is a good read.

Michael Calories: Who is the author?

Lauren Goode: It was written by Gabrielle Zevin.

Michael Calories: Good. It’s out of the paper now maybe.

Lauren Goode: I know. I have the hardcover because I tried to read it when it came out, but it’s probably out of paperback by now.

Michael Calories: Good.

Lauren Goode: Yes. I haven’t gone down the rabbit hole on this train, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was chosen as some sort of derivative work, if you will.

Michael Calories: Good. I’m looking forward to Netflix 2027.

Lauren Goode: Yes. If someone hasn’t read it Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow; maybe you all have, once again, I’m too far behind when we’re not reading 88 pages…

Michael Calories: The DOJ has been replaced.

Lauren Goode: Writing cases, other articles for people to read, I mean, all those things. I recommend you check it out. Mike, what do you think?


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