Water bosses are ‘shame’ and Easter respects ‘the line’


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Thames Water customers could see their bills rise by 40% by 2030, the company’s bosses have warned, as a result of its massive debt. The i Reports that the company’s financial problems have raised the prospect of a government takeover at a cost of billions to taxpayers. [BBC]


Thames Water’s investors have refused to invest up to £500m in funding, which has left the need for additional funding, the Times reports. The company is Britain’s largest water supplier and serves 15 million homes. Its leaders have been criticized by people from all political parties. [BBC]

Daily ExpressDaily Express

The front page of the Daily Express quotes Communities Secretary Michael Gove, who called the management of Thames Water a “disgrace”. He also said that the leaders of the company should “carry the pipe” because of the financial problems they are facing instead of asking for public support. [BBC]

Daily TelegraphDaily Telegraph

The front page of the Daily Telegraph reports on Rishi Sunak’s unusual decision to present the Easter honors list, which includes the Conservative Party’s top donor Mohamed Mansour, four Tory MPs and director Christopher Nolan. The paper says the unexpected move has fueled speculation that Downing Street may be considering a summer election. [BBC]

Daily MailDaily Mail

Angela Rayner is “on the ropes”, according to the Daily Mail, which devotes its front page to questions about the Labor Party deputy leader’s tax affairs. The police must review the allegations, having previously decided that no further investigation was necessary. Mr Rayner denies paying less tax on properties he sold before becoming an MP. [BBC]

Daily MirrorDaily Mirror

A government report is set to recommend “difficult new laws” to improve safety at entertainment venues, according to the Daily Mirror. The rules are said to have been inspired by the mother of Manchester Arena bomber Martyn Hett. [BBC]


The famine in Gaza is “beginning”, the Guardian newspaper reported. It quotes a new United Nations report that warns that hunger and starvation rates are rising in the Strip. It increases international pressure on Israel to ensure that sufficient aid can reach the people of Gaza. [BBC]

Financial TimesFinancial Times

Big business that took over is back with a problem, according to the Financial Times. A report on the latest London Stock Exchange shows 11 deals worth £170bn were completed in the first quarter of 2024, following a period of “very low levels” of major mergers and acquisitions. [BBC]

Daily StarDaily Star

And finally, bad news for anyone who was hoping for good weather this Bank Holiday weekend. A weather system named Storm Nelson by Spanish forecasters is expected to bring winter to the UK, the Daily Star reports. [BBC]

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