Twitch bans streams overlaid on boobs and butts


Bus Fortnite Streams come out of the buttocks. I said what I said. If you haven’t caught up with all things Twitch, there’s a trend going around of viewers showing off their games on visible body parts, usually intimate ones like butts and breasts. Because a good photo now looks very boring. Twitch is putting a stop to its shenanigans, though, and it will legal prohibition “Items that focus on private parts of the body such as the buttocks, groin, or breasts for an extended period of time” from March 29.

In current affairs articles, My city he explained that it all started when the controversial Morgpie introduced him Fortnite Playing part on the closeup of his back. Later, other audiences followed suit, covering their games on real and fictional body parts, such as anime thighs or anime games she is breastfeeding at the window while playing. Now, bums and bums are pouring out. Do not be caught by the words “hidden parts of the body”, and – of course, their naked versions are also prohibited, according to the policy of Twitch that does not allow users to broadcast or post “materials with real images. or imaginary genitals, regardless of the way they were created. “

Twitch had already revised its guidelines due to Morgpie’s actions on its platform. The player posted a live cam that claimed to be playing topless, shortly after Twitch released its sex-specific rules on the platform. It caused the river meta to appear stripped, resulting in a platform return it those processes change and finally that prevent users from impersonating being completely or partially naked in their veins.


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